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leavers assemblies

The Very Best Leavers Assembly Resources

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BRAND NEW: ZOOMING ON Primary Leavers Assembly CD
ZOOMING ON Primary School Leavers Assembly CD
FLIGHT OF THE SONGBIRDS A short 25 minute musical suitable for Year 6 Leavers Assemblies musical play
Flight of the songbirds
RACING ON Leavers CD: UPDATED For 2014 Commonwealth Games
RACING ON Primary School Leavers Assembly CD
MOVING ON Our Original Primary School Leavers Assembly CD, suitable for ages 7-11
MOVING ON Primary Schools Leavers Assembly CD
JOURNEY ON Top Selling Primary School Leavers Assembly CD
JOURNEY ON Primary School Leavers Assembly CD

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That's 9 CDs containing a total of 62 ASSEMBLY SONGS all sung by age appropriate children, along with all the backing music tracks and OVER 220 PAGES of ASSEMBLIES containing stories, ideas, activities, prayers, PowerPoints, sheet music, songsheets and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

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AGE RANGE: All the products on this page are suitable for a Year 6 leavers assembly (ages 10-11). However the Moving On assembly resource can also be used with Year 2’s (leaving infant school) or Year 4’s (leaving first school).

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: The Journey On CD / download contains more rock / pop style songs and a funny play script as part of the presentation. However, the Moving On assembly resource CD / download doesn't contain a play script (but still has many optional speaking parts) & is more spiritual in its overall content.

WHAT ARE LEAVERS ASSEMBLIES: In the UK, when children reach the end of a particular stage of their schooling and move onto a new school, there is often a leavers assembly. Other countries around the world have their own variations of this and our leavers resources can easily be adapted for any such occasion. Leavers assemblies usually involve a presentation, performed by the children who are leaving, for the rest of the school and parents. The performance usually includes leavers songs, readings and sometimes even a short play. Most of these assemblies take place at the end of Year 6 (ages 10-11), when a child in the UK leaves primary school and moves onto secondary school. A good year 6 leavers assembly celebrates all the pupils achievements to date. It frequently reminisces about the children's time in school so far and also looks to the future. Done correctly, a year 6 leavers assembly is a performance which will remain in a child's memory for the rest of their lives.