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Children's Songs, Plays, Musicals & Assemblies. Ages 2 to 11+

RACING ON - School Leavers' Songs and Script

Year 6 leavers' songs and assemblies, with a sporting / Olympics twist. Samples below.
Songs:  5 Songs
Scripts:  5 Assemblies
Min Rehearsal Time: ½ Day
Age Range:  Ages 7-11

Run Time:  10-40 Mins*
No. of Parts:  1 to 40 *

*Depending on content used

RACING ON - School Leavers' Songs and Script

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DESCRIPTION: Get your leavers' assembly off to a flying start with the fabulous 'Racing On'. You get 5 great songs with vocal and backing tracks, plus FIVE ready-to-use leavers' assemblies (2 PowerPoint assemblies & 3 text assemblies). All included assemblies come with an optional sporting twist and contain ideas, activities, stories / playscripts, readings, lessons and prayers. With added extras like PowerPoints, sheet music and more, this is a truly superb, easy-to-use leavers' assembly pack with everything you could possibly need. Please click the 'Song Samples' tab to hear samples from every track. Please click the 'Assembly Details' tab for script samples and further information.

THEME: Each of the included five assemblies has a slightly different theme. Please click on the 'Assembly Details' tab for more information.

IS IT RELIGIOUS? None of the songs have religious references. A few of the included assembly scripts do have religious references as part of their closing summaries, but you can easily use the included editable versions to remove these references if necessary. Therefore, we believe that there is something here to suit everyone.

"I heartily recommend this CD." Mrs Prior - Teacher

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" We were very pleased with the quality of the CD and the 5 songs. No doubt, we will purchase more from your company in the future. Keep up the good work!" M Taylor- Teacher

RACING ON Leavers' Assembly - SONG SAMPLES

  1. Racing On
  2. Ready Steady Go
  3. You're A Winner
  4. Heroes
  5. Together

Unable to play the above samples? Please click here to go to an MP3 sample page.

ASSEMBLY SAMPLES: Please click on the links below to download samples.

Commonwealth Games PowerPoint Assembly

Olympic Games PowerPoint Assembly

Text Assembly 1A) 'Perseverance' STORY VERSION

This assembly is designed to be delivered by an adult towards the pupils. The introduction gets the children thinking about the many types of sports, games and races that there are in the world, culminating in the thought that if you want to excel in any one of them then you need to develop perseverance. To explain what perseverance means, the assembly then moves on to a story... a wacky tale of two twin brothers who have a skateboard race from London to Paris! Finally, the assembly is summed up with optional readings from the bible and a prayer, encouraging the children to succeed in life through perseverance.

Text Assembly 1B) 'Perseverance' SCRIPTED VERSION

This leavers assembly is identical to the one above, but it has been reformatted so that it can be presented / acted by as many children as you want.

Text Assembly 2) 'Heroes'

This leavers assembly has been designed to be delivered by a class of children, but it can also easily be presented by one teacher / headteacher / adult on his / her own. The introduction asks the children to think about their sporting heroes. It then moves on to a discussion of the meaning of the word hero and talks about the way the word is sometimes misused when it's applied to someone just because they're rich or famous. Next, in order to appreciate what a true hero really is, two real life stories are told of the selfless acts of two people who bravely save the lives of others. Finally, the summary asks the pupils to think about who their own personal real-life heroes should be: i.e. family, friends, teachers, important community members, etc... It encourages the children to think about aspiring to be like these people instead of simply aspiring to be like the rich and famous. It then closes with an optional prayer.

TIMING: We are often asked about the length of our assembly presentations and the truth is that due to the included editable scripts, they're VERY flexible. If you stick exactly to the scripts, then the PowerPoint assemblies will take around 20-25 mins, assemblies 1A and 1B will probably take 30-40 mins, and assembly 2 will probably take around 20 mins. However, with the editable scripts you can very easily shorten or lengthen these times in any way you want.

PARTS: A playscript is included in assembly 1B. This script has acting parts for just 2 children with small walk on parts for a number of others and a very large number of narrators parts. The remainder of the assembly scripts have further parts which can be read out by dozens more children.

REHEARSAL TIME: We believe it's possible to teach a simple version of one of these assembly performances to a group of children in just a few hours. Please note this is not a guarantee. Please listen to the songs and view the material before deciding how much rehearsal time your pupils will require.


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Great assembly songs
"I ordered this CD by mistake, but was so glad when it came. To explain, I saw the CD online and mentioned it to a colleague, who mistakenly thought I was asking them to order it. A week later, I found it on my desk! I reluctantly gave it a go, and to my surprise I found that it worked really well. It sounded great and my class loved all the songs. They made dance routines for Racing On and Ready Steady Go and sung the other songs so beautifully, with some harmonies that I included giving a bit of an extra impact. Even after the Y6 children left we still ended up singing You're a Winner and Together in our assemblies, because they're just great assembly songs which can be sung at any time of the year. As a musician I was also pleased to see the sheet music and guitar chords included for free as well as the backing tracks, covering all the bases. I heartily recommend this CD."
by Mrs Prior, Y6 teacher and Head of Junior Dept

Very pleased
"I purchased Racing On to use as part of our Commonwealth Games celebrations. We were very pleased with the quality of the CD and the 5 songs. The children were so excited to be able to put on the presentation for their families and friends. No doubt, we will purchase more from your company in the future. Keep up the good work!"
by Margaret Taylor