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A CHRISTMAS-TOY STORY - Childrens Christmas Musical

NEW! A Magical Christmas Musical with dazzling songs and 3 editable scripts. Samples below.

A CHRISTMAS-TOY STORY - Childrens Christmas Musical

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NEW:  ‘A CHRISTMAS-TOY STORY’ is a magical Christmas musical play (with optional nativity scene), which tells the funny tale of a group of toys who come to life during the early hours of Christmas morning. Chuckle along as the toys try to discover what this strange thing called ‘Christmas’ is really about. With fun, laughter and a few toy tantrums, this easy-to-stage musical with dazzling songs and ingenious scripts will keep your cast and audience completely enthralled.

PowerPoint Scenery SamplesYour purchase includes vocal tracks sung by age-appropriate children, backing tracks recorded by professional musicians (no need for a pianist), THREE editable scripts, detailed staging notes and ideas, sheet music, songsheets, PowerPoint songwords, PowerPoint scenery (samples right) and even bonus sound effects. Everything you need to easily stage a perfect children's Christmas show.

SCRIPTS:  This musical comes with THREE age-appropriate, editable scripts, giving you amazing flexibility and complete control. ALL the scripts are included in your purchase. They are very simple to stage and all tell the same story, but vary in length and in their level of difficulty. Thus, there is a script suitable for every age and ability level from 5 to 11. Please see the adjoining 'Script Samples' tab for samples, cast list and further information.

HASSLE-FREE LICENSING: A licence is required to allow you to use this purchase to stage any type of performance. We are the only providers of the licence you need. Our instant 1 year licenses are half-price when purchased with the CD / download. NO FORMS, NO FUSS! Select one of the product options above which includes a licence, add it to the basket and you're instantly covered. Please see adjoining 'Licensing' tab for more info.

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AGE RANGE: The following songs have been written for ages 7-11. If you intend to stage this musical with younger children, don't worry... detailed ideas are included within your purchase for easy-to-use alternative songs, which are more suited for the 5-6 age range.

  1. Santa's Here
  2. When Toys Come Alive
  3. Jingle Bells Rock
  4. Here With You
  5. The Christmas Story (Optional Song)
  6. Footprints In The Snow
  7. Family
  8. On Christmas Day In The Morning

Unable to play the above samples? Please click here to go to an MP3 sample page.

SCRIPT SAMPLES: Please click the link below to view script samples from this product. This is a link to a PDF file which also contains cast list and other important information about this musical.

A Christmas-Toy Story - SCRIPT SAMPLE.pdfSample PDF

ABOUT THIS MULTIPURPOSE PRODUCT: Recommended for ages 5-11, 'A Christmas-Toy Story' is a flexible 25 - 55 minute Christmas musical / play. It contains 8 dazzling Christmas songs (all sung by 9-11 year old children) along with all the backing music tracks – NO NEED FOR A PIANIST. The CD also includes a CD ROM section, easily accessible from any computer, which contains everything you need to help you stage a great performance... scripts, ideas, PowerPoints, songsheets, sheet music, sound effects and more - everything you need all on one amazing CD! Or save time and money by easily DOWNLOADING IT ALL NOW!

PARTS: Very flexible, with THREE editable scripts and plenty of optional speaking / acting / singing parts, you can perform this production with any number of children from 20 to 200.

RUNNING TIME: Depending on which of the three included scripts you use, the estimated running time is about 25-55 minutes. However this time span can easily be shortened or lengthened significantly. Suggestions for how to do this are included in the detailed 'Production Notes' which you find contained within your purchase.

REHEARSE IN JUST A WEEK OR SO!  Ideally you should allow yourself several weeks for rehearsals, but if you're short on time, don't worry, we know from experience that it's possible to rehearse the ultra-simple version of this play in just a week or so. Save even more time and money by downloading now and starting your preparations straight away!

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A Masterpiece
"‘A Christmas Toy Story’ was performed by our lower juniors and really was exceedingly good. It was entertaining, enthralling, at times very moving, but above all, very funny! The laughter from the audience was occasionally overwhelming, which is always a great indication that a very special performance is underway. I would highly recommend this superb musical, which is full of the joy and spectacle of the festive season. So well done Learn2soar Music. Thank you for your tremendous effort in creating such a well polished masterpiece."
by S Robins Headteacher

Fun, fun, fun!
"I used a Christmas toy story with my class of 7-8 year olds. I'll admit that I probably made things tougher for myself by using one of the harder scripts rather than the simple script (but it looked so good that I couldn't resist it), so at times I was getting a bit exasperated, but in the end I needn't have worried. The children learnt it and performed it so well. And we had so much fun with all the songs with silly dances and inflatable electric guitars for Jingle Bell Rock (which was probably the children's favourite song). I loved the Footprints song. So moving. In the end the parents were in raptures and my headteacher said it was one of the best Christmas performances she had seen in thirty years of teaching. So thank you Learn2soar for helping to make our Christmas assembly such a fun-filled festive success."
by S Harris

10 Out Of 10
"We were thrilled by our production of ‘A Christmas Toy Story’. It is indeed a very clever script where the toys that Santa brings come to life and learn about Christmas. The pupil's performances were simply amazing! We ambitiously decided to use the advanced script (with a few tweaks), so there was a great deal to learn, but nevertheless, the songs were sung beautifully, the script was delivered with excellent comic timing and dances were performed with gusto. This was due in large part due to the high quality script and songs and the fact that the children enjoyed it so much. The audience were wowed and we as staff know that this is one of the best Christmas musicals we've ever staged. 10 out of 10."
by M Mullin

Absolutely Fantastic
"We used the Christmas Toy Story musical with our infant department and it was absolutely fantastic. We changed a few of the songs as per the included suggestions and it worked brilliantly. A real treat for staff, parents and children. We particularly loved the humour and the fact that it was so easy to learn and stage. Keep up the good work."
by Mrs Bishop

"Wonderful! The pupils really enjoyed it! It added a refreshing sense of humour to our Christmas festivities!"
by J. Lisowski – Teacher

"I have to congratulate you on the excellent music! This is easily one of the best children's musicals I've come across. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very, very much!"
by G Jones - Headteacher