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E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS - The Easter Story Musical

Simple Easter musical, telling the traditional Easter story. Samples and details below.

E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS - The Easter Story Musical

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"The children LOVED it! The parents commented on how well they sang, and the fact that they jiggled and danced as they performed showed just how much they ENJOYED themselves. THANK YOU!" G. Young - Teacher

DESCRIPTION: Recommended for ages 6-11, 'EASTER Spells Easter For JUNIORS' can either be used as a simple Easter 'sing-along' CD, an Easter assembly CD or a short musical performance! It contains 7 great Easter songs, along with all the backing music tracks so there's no need for a pianist. It also contains an editable script, ideas and everything you need to help you stage a great performance of the traditional Easter story! Click here for script sample

USING THIS PRODUCT AS A MUSICAL: If you use this product as a musical, then you will find everything you need to make your performance a geat success. The included easter script links the 7 easter songs together with readings from narrator/s, to sensitively present the traditional Easter story in a way that children will understand... 'E' is for 'Entering Jerusalem', 'A' is for 'Anger In The Temple', 'S' is for 'Sing of Bread And Wine'... you get the idea.... VERY easy to learn and stage.

"We did E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter last year with a small cast of children with very different ages and it was B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!" Pat - Teacher

HASSLE-FREE LICENSING: If you want to use this product to stage a performance, then a licence is normally required. Our instant 1 year licenses are half-price when purchased with the CD / download. NO FORMS, NO FUSS! Just add it to the basket and you're instantly covered. Please see 'Licensing' tab for more info.

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Please click here to view a script sample from this product. This is a link to a PDF file which also contains cast list and other important information about this product.


Satisfaction GuaranteeABOUT THIS MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT: Recommended for ages 6-11, ‘E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS’ is a 25 minute easter performance, though it can also be used as a simple Easter assembly CD or Easter songs CD. It contains 7 Easter songs, all sung by 6-11 year old children, plus you get all the backing music tracks so there's no need for a pianist. The songs are linked by a simple time-saving editable script which consists of simple narrators’ parts in between each easter song. The CD also includes a CD ROM section, easily accessible from any computer, which contains everything you need to help you stage a great performance... easter story script, staging ideas, PowerPoints, songsheets, sheet music, OHP masters and more - everything you need all on one amazing CD! Or save time and money by easily DOWNLOADING IT ALL NOW!

PARTS: The only speaking parts in the easter story script are narrator/s parts. As for 'walk-on' parts, you can have as many or as few as you want. The recommended cast list is : 1 main role (Jesus), 15- 20 minor roles (The disciples, Pilate, Herod, soldiers etc...) Plus you can have as many other walk on parts as you want! NB it's also possible to perform the easter story musical with no actors, but with just a choir/group of children singing the songs / reading the narrators parts.

RUNNING TIME: If you stick exactly to the script then this musical is roughly 20-25 minutes long. However this can easily be shortened by 10-15 minutes, or lengthened by up to another 20 minutes! Suggestions for how to do this are included in the detailed 'Production Notes'.

REHEARSAL TIME: We know from experience that it's possible to teach this easter story musical to a group of children in just a few days. Please note this is not a guarantee. Please listen to the songs and view the script before deciding how much rehearsal time your pupils will require.

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Hooked from the first song
"This CD had me hooked from the first song. A very well constructed musical performance for children which delivers the Easter Story with charm and compassion."
by J Mayo

Best I've used
"Over the last 25 years I've used around half a dozen different Easter story musicals from a variety of sources, but E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter is the best I've used for three reasons. Firstly it deals with the actual crucifixion in a very clever and sensitive way - Even though some of the children who have performed this musical with me were as young as 5, everyone understood and appreciated the part of the script which dealt with Jesus' death and loved singing the 'Trials & Tribulations' song that went with it. It was moving, but not upsetting, and told just enough of the bible story to make sense, without going into any details which could possibly cause upset or offence. Very impressive. Second the whole musical covers everything from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, but doesn't drag on and on, like some others I've used over the years - 7 easy songs with a very simple script and it's all over within 20-30 minutes. It was perfect for our needs and I'm sure that's the same for most schools who have busy curriculums and schedules. And third, it’s acrostic - So blindingly simple, but again it makes it so much more accessible for the children and the audience. In summary this is a very smartly written, short Easter musical, which genuinely is entirely appropriate for the specified age-range. Superb."
by Mrs Peters, Music Specialist

"Some of our junior children performed 'E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter' last year. It was really fantastic! It was straightforward to use, with a delightfully simple script and easy-to-learn songs The children loved the musical and as a result, they acted and sang brilliantly. The audience was full of praise with some saying it was the best Easter performance they had ever seen. One parent was particularly amazed that we were able to show what is a difficult story in such a "simple, sensitive and meaningful way". Thanks for providing such a great Easter resource."
by C Eaton

loved it
"Hello, we downloaded Easter Spells Easter and used it with our whole juniors last year. Teachers, pupils and parents all absolutely loved it. Just wanted to say thank you."
by Becky Roberts

"Dear Learn2soar, I am a teacher and there have been many times when I have bought a musical from you and I must say that you offer excellent packages with high standards of scripts and wonderful songs. The last one I did this year was EASTER Spells Easter for Juniors which again was a great success. Many Thanks."
by R Fielding, Teacher

Very nice
"Very, very nice. This Easter musical was so easy to use."
by Deborah White

"We did E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter last year with a small cast of children with very different ages and it was B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!"
by P Richards - Teacher

"Last year my Year 3 class performed E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter and it was fantastic!"
by Ian Boothe

I'm in awe of the standard
"I AM TOTALLY IN AWE OF THE STANDARD! I put Easter Spells Easter (for Juniors) on in assembly (for the whole school)... within a short space of time the children were singing along without me having to teach a thing! I played it again at the end of assembly and the children sang along with ease. The reception class were so enthusiastic that they skipped out singing it!!!"
by M. Kelly - Teacher / former Music Advisor.

The children love it!
"The children in our school absolutely loved Easter Spells Easter. They were singing it all the time!"
by P Hodkinson

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