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In order to perform most of the products advertised on this website, you will need to buy a 'Performance Licence' from Learn2soar Music. See below for full details and FAQ.

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In order to perform most of the products advertised on this website, you will need to buy a 'Performance Licence'. This is a legal requirement. We are the ONLY providers of the particular licence that you require to perform our songs / plays / musicals / nativities. Our licence prices start from just £10, which we believe to be one of the lowest prices around. (Please note, this special price is only available to customers who purchase their licence along with the product that the licence is to cover, from the relevant product page. i.e. not this page).

FREE LICENCES: Currently, no licence is required in any of the following circumstances:

  • 'O Come All Ye Faithful', 'The Little Black Cloud', 'The Fairytale Land Nativity Show', 'Christmas Play In One Day' – You can currently use these performances completely free of charge, provided the use is educational and non-profit making. However, if your use is non-educational or is a profit-making endeavour, then please purchase a full-priced licence from this page.

  • Assembly / Song Collection products – There is no need to purchase a performance licence for any of our assembly / song collection products, provided the use is educational and non-profit making. However, if your use is non-educational or is a profit-making endeavour, then please purchase a full-priced licence from this page.

  • No licence is required if you have purchased one of our musicals / nativities with the aim of just having something to listen to, or to have something to sing along to, either on your own or with a group of children within a closed classroom setting (i.e. no parents watching / no audience or congregation of any description).

  • No licence is required if you have purchased one of our musicals with the aim of just using one or two songs only as part of an act of worship within a church service or a school assembly.

In ALL other cases, you are required by law to obtain a performing rights licence from us. Therefore, if you intend to use our material to stage ANY type of public performance, using any part of one of our products, however small, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged or not, regardless of the age/ability of the children, and even if the performance is 'only for parents', than you must buy a licence from us. This is a legal requirement worldwide* and applies to all types of schools, churches, nurseries, preschools, children's groups, etc. *(In the UK via the 'Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988', and Worldwide via the 'Berne Convention' and the 'World Intellectual Property Organisation').

PRICES: If you buy your licence at the same time as you buy your play / musical, then you can get your licence at half price. To purchase your half-price licence DO NOT USE THIS PAGE. Instead, please visit the webpage of the product you're interested in and select the "plus half-price licence" option. HOWEVER, if you are a returning customer who has already bought the CD/download concerned, then the half-price option is no longer available to you. Instead, please click on the ‘Add to basket’ button above to purchase the full priced licence.

ORDERING: You can buy your full price licence now by clicking on the 'Add to basket' button above. Before you click on the ‘Add to basket’ button please use the input boxes to type in the name of your establishment and the title of the ONE Learn2soar musical that the licence is to cover. Proceed through the checkout process and you are instantly covered. UK based schools can also use this method to pay by school invoice, with the invoice option appearing on the final checkout page.

LIFETIME LICENCES: Previously we offered an option to purchase a 'Lifetime Licence' for some our musicals. However, as of January 2019 this special-offer is no longer available. Any lifetime licences purchased prior to this date will of course be honoured, allowing the purchasing body to perform that one musical as many times as required, at any point in the future, without limit. But, from January 2019 onwards, only 'one-year (annual) performance licences' will be available and will need to be re-purchased year on year (as required) to allow you to re-perform any of our works.



"Does my licence cover all the musicals I purchase from Learn2soar Music?": Sorry but no. Each performance licence is applicable to ONE musical title only. Therefore, you will require separate licences for each one of our musicals that you purchase.

"Does my licence cover musicals I purchase from other companies, or other websites?": Sorry but no. We can only provide performance licences for musical titles that we own the copyright to. Therefore, your Learn2soar Performance Licence, will only cover the Learn2soar products available on this website only.

"Obtaining a licence doesn't apply to us- does it?": Yes, it probably does. Every time any establishment (including any school / nursery / playgroup / church / charity / club / children's group etc…) puts on a performance of an original musical / dramatic work, the establishment is required by law to obtain the permission (licence) of the writer to allow them to do so. Usually, the writer requires a small fee for this privilege. Learn2soar Limited are the sole licensing representatives of its composers / writers. Therefore, according to the law you must obtain a licence from us to perform any one of our musicals / productions. (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988)

"We're not based in the UK, does it still apply to us?": Yes it does. Although this page refers to UK law, the same copyright terms exist in law in just about every other major country worldwide, due to the 'Berne Convention' and the 'World Intellectual Property Organisation'. This entitles Learn2soar Limited (UK) to royalties for any performance that takes place of one of our works in any of the 164 countries signed up to the convention. For further details please click here.

"We've already got a performance licence": Sorry, but if it's not issued by Learn2soar Limited then you don't have one. Learn2soar Limited are the only providers of the particular licence you require to stage one of our musicals.

"Why do we need to get a performance licence anyway? It's not going to matter to anyone": Two good reasons to get a performance licence: 1) You'll be breaking the law if you don't get one. (Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988) If you are found to have staged a performance without a licence then you could face a heavy fine. 2) Performance licences are a valuable source of income for composers / writers. If you are using and enjoying their music isn't it fair to give them what they're due?

"Do you check if we have a licence?": Yes, we do. As a result of compliance checks last year, several schools / nurseries / children's groups around the world who performed our material without permission were fined. Please don't let this happen to you, by simply buying your licence now.

"We're only performing to the parents and we're not charging for admission - do we still need a licence?": Yes, you do. The law still classes it as a performance, so a performance licence is required.

"We already have a licence agreement with the PRS / MCPS / CLA (or other organisation)": That doesn't apply in this situation, as Learn2soar Limited is not a member of the Performing Rights Society or any similar body worldwide. Learn2soar Limited (UK) are the ONLY providers of the particular licence you require to stage one of our products. Licences issued by any other organisation do not apply under any circumstance.

"What about our agreement with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International)": CCLI only licence you to print / display / photocopy / share song lyrics and sheet music. Please DO inform them if you photocopy / print / display or share any of our song lyrics or sheet music - however, you still need a performance licence as well. Learn2soar Limited are the only providers of the performance licence you require to stage one of our musicals.

"No one will know if we don't get a performance licence": You may be right but please note that in the past educational establishments and churches have been prosecuted / fined for not having correct licences in place! Please don't let this happen to you. And please note that we DO often end up finding out about performances that have taken place without a licence being issued. (For example, via a parent calling to ask for an extra CD for their child - a frequent occurrence). In such cases we are entitled to impose a fine and to invoice for the maximum licence fee due.

"We want to record the children's performance onto CD / DVD / video, to sell to parents to raise money for school funds, do we need to purchase an additional licence?": Yes, a recording rights licence is required. but in some circumstances this is free. For full details click here.

"Part of our performance is being broadcast on local radio / TV - do we need another licence?": None of our products (or any part of any of our songs / plays - however small) may be broadcast in any way, shape or form without our express permission. Therefore, for a broadcast to go ahead, the performing school / establishment only needs to make sure that they have a standard performance licence (issued by Learn2soar Limited), however the broadcaster needs to obtain special permission from Learn2soar Limited (which may or may not be given depending on the nature of the broadcast). If permission is granted then the broadcaster will have to pay royalties to Learn2soar Limited, based on current 'licence fees for commercial music' rates.

Great value for money
"Having bought licenses from many different companies over the years for all sorts of shows and productions, I must say that this is the best licensing service I've come across. The fact that you just add it to your basket without having to fill out tonnes of forms is the height of common sense. Why can't all licensing bodies be like this??? Moreover, the lifetime license option is fantastic value for money. The last time I bought a one-off licence from a different company it was nearly £40 for two performances. So, to get a completely unlimited lifetime license for £35 is stunning value. I now heartily recommend Learn2soar to all my colleagues and friends in other schools."
by Sue Harris

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