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Digital Files Site Licence

Digital Files Site Licence

Physical Options

  • Digital Files Site Licence A: 2-5 users
  • Digital Files Site Licence B: 6-10 users
  • Digital Files Site Licence C: 11-20 users
  • Digital Files Site Licence D: 21-50 users
  • Digital Files Site Licence E: 51+ users

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WHAT IS THIS LICENCE FOR: This licence if for customers who have purchased download products and now wish to share those downloads with other users in their school network, either by placing it on a shared hard drive or by burning the download contents onto many CDs

WHEN IT'S FREE: You may copy the files contained in any learn2soar product, to no more than two fixed computer hard drives and / or one digital music playing device (e.g. MP3 player / iPod). The files must remain on those hard drives only and may not be shared with other devices / computer users in any way, shape or form. If you have purchased a download product you may also make two CD copies of the music tracks.

WHEN IT'S NOT FREE: If you want to share learn2soar files with other users on a network, OR if you 've purchased a download and want to burn more than two CDs, then you will have to purchase a digital files site licence. The type of licence you require simply depends on the number of network users OR if you've purchased a download product then you may wish to think about the amount of CDs that can be burned with each level of licence:

1 user / 2 download CDs = Free

2-5 users / up to 4 download CDs = £5

6-10 users / up to 6 download CDs = £10

11-20 users / up to 10 download CDs = £20

21-50 users / up to 20 download CDs = £30

51+ users / up to 50 download CDs = £50

If you need to make more than 50 download CDs then please contact us for a quote.

Please note, the amount quoted above is a ONE OFF payment. No recurring charges will be incurred for your digital files site licence. However, if you purchase other learn2soar products in the future, then new seperate digital files site licences will be required for those products.

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