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Learn2soar Music Recording Rights Licence

This licence allows you to distribute recordings of your performance (which contains any aspect of any Learn2soar Ltd publication).

See below for details and pricing chart.

Before you purchase, please complete the two text boxes below, stating the name of your organisation and the name of the ONE Learn2soar owned publication that this licence will cover. Then select the tick box and then 'Add to Basket'. Complete the checkout process and you are instantly covered for one year (starting from the date of licence purchase).

Learn2soar Music Recording Rights Licence

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If you are planning to sell recordings of your performance, which contains any aspect of any Learn2soar publication, then please read the following information:

FREE FOR PERSONAL USE: You CAN record a performance which uses any part of any of our works, at any time, FREE of charge, provided it is for PERSONAL use only, and is not publicly posted online via any website or social media platform.

RE-SALE: If you would like to record your performance in order to re-sell that recording on CD / DVD / private online subscription, then that is not a problem. A small fee may be due. Please use the table below to work out how much your recording rights licence will cost and then simply purchase, using the add to basket function above. BEFORE ADDING TO BASKET: Please select the correct category option and enter the appropriate information in the text boxes.


1) Re-sale of recordings of any of our publications made by private individuals / private companies is not allowed without the express permission of Learn2soar Limited.

2) No recording may at any time be publicly posted anywhere on the internet or social media channels (e.g. YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) and also may not be broadcast via film / TV / radio / print media, without the express permission of Learn2soar Limited. If the permission of Learn2soar Limited is obtained for any type of broadcast, then royalties will become due to Learn2soar Ltd. Please contact us for details.



Recording Rights Licence

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