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Recording Rights Licence

Distribute recordings of your performance via online video, or live-stream, or via DVD / CD / USB.

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Recording Rights Licence

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1. Please read this entire page including TABS.
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4. Select your licence category and 'Add to Basket'. Complete checkout and you're covered. UK schools can also use the same checkout function to pay via school invoice.

Please remember to purchase your 'Performance Licence'. The 'Recording Rights Licence' available on this page is in addition to your 'Performance Licence'. It does not replace it.


ONLINE DISTRIBUTION: If you are making your recording available online via pre-recorded video or live stream, then it needs to be password protected. Either by using a password protected video, or a password protected webpage, or via a secure area of your website with limited access. This is so your video can only be accessed by your intended audience and isn't accidentally made freely available for anyone in the world to access it, which would mean vastly increased licence costs and charges for you. However, we do allow you to post short clips of your performance via social media. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT post your full video to Facebook or YouTube, as it is very difficult to keep your video secure using these platforms. We are happy to provide advice for alternative solutions if required. Please see the 'About' tab for more information.

PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION:  If you are creating physical DVDs/CDs for distribution, then there is special copyright wording that needs to be printed on each copy you produce. Please contact us for the exact wording to use on your products. Thank you.

MORE: Please see the 'About' tab for further rules about what is and isn't allowed. Thank you.

ABOUT: This licence is for customers who are planning to sell or distribute recordings of their performance, which contains any aspect of any Learn2soar publication. We cannot licence the use of material produced by other publishers.

FREE FOR PERSONAL USE: You CAN record a performance which uses any part of any of our works, at any time, FREE of charge, provided it is for PERSONAL use only, and is not publicly posted online, or distributed in any way.

FREE FOR LOW-LEVEL USAGE: After you have read this entire page and examined the PRICE CHART, if you believe that your anticipated usage falls into 'Category 0', then there is no charge. You are free to proceed with distributing your recording within the 'Category 0' limits as set out in the price chart.

RE-SALE / WIDER DISTRIBUTION: If you would like to record your performance in order to re-sell that recording on CD / DVD / private online access, or share it with a wider audience, then a fee will be due. Please use the PRICE CHART to work out how much your licence will cost and then simply purchase, using the add to basket function above.


1) PERFORMANCE LICENCE REQUIRED: To record any performance, you must firstly be in possession of a valid 'Performance Licence' issued by Learn2soar Music. The 'Recording Rights Licence' available on this page is in addition to your Performance Licence. It does not replace it. A Performance Licence is always required whenever any type of performance takes place, even when the audience is watching the performance via any remote device.

2) PASSWORD PROTECTION: If you want to post the full recording of your performance online in any way, then it must be password protected somehow. It may NOT be publicly posted anywhere on the internet or social media channels in such a way that it becomes free and open for anyone in the world to view it. However, uploading or streaming your video via a password protected environment, or via a secure channel like a private Zoom room, IS allowed, as long as the video / stream can only be accessed by the staff / family / friends of your establishment, and as long as the licence you obtain from this page reflects the anticipated number of families watching it, as well as any possible charges you are making for access to your online video.

Creating a password protected page on your own website is usually the quickest and easiest way to distribute your video to your audience. The process is normally quite straightforward, but if you are not sure how to proceed, then we are happy to offer alternative suggestions. Please contact us for details.

PLEASE NOTE: If you ignore this advice and post your full performance in an unsecured manner on any platform so that it becomes freely available for anyone in the world to access it, then we will seek to have it removed. The platform you have used will put a copyright strike against your record and you may be fined, depending on the number of views obtained before the video was removed, as specified in our terms and conditions.

3) SOCIAL MEDIA RULES: Very short clips of your performance are allowed on social media, or on your establishment's own website, in a non-profit making capacity. Any short clip must be no more than one minute in length, and must also be no more than 50% of any one song, and with no more than 4 clips posted in total - and please do tag us in!

4) BROADCAST: No recording may at any time be broadcast via film / TV / radio / print media, without the express permission of Learn2soar Limited. If the permission of Learn2soar Limited is obtained for any type of broadcast, then royalties will become due to Learn2soar Ltd. Please contact us for details.

5) PRIVATE COMPANIES: Re-sale or redistribution of recordings of any of our publications by private individuals / private companies, who are not directly connected with the performing establishment, are not allowed without the express permission of Learn2soar Limited.


MOBILE DEVICE USERS: If you can't view this full table, CLICK HERE to open it as an image file.

Learn2soar Music Recording Rights Licence Price Chart

QUESTION: We're not making a charge for online access to our video recording, wth 190 children watching it at home with their families. What category do we fall into?
ANSWER: As you're not making a charge, that puts you in the top row of the
PRICING CHART (the row marked "£1 or under"). Then looking across that top row, 190 children would put you into category 2, which is £10.

QUESTION: Do we have to count every device accessing our live-stream?
ANSWER: No, there's no need to count all the devices, even though we know that some households may use up to 3 or 4 devices each. We recognise that could get very messy for you to organise and we want to keep things as simple as possible. Therefore, you only need to count the amount of families watching your live stream. This is best done by totalling the number of children in your cast, minus any siblings in the same family unit.

QUESTION: What if some families watch our online video several times over, are you counting the total number of views?
ANSWER: No, we recognise that a lot of families may want to watch several times over and counting this could prove problematic for many of our customers. Therefore, you only need to count the amount of families who are being granted access to your video. This is best done by totalling the number of children in your cast, minus any siblings in the same family unit.

QUESTION: What is the "special wording" to place on DVDs? Where does it go?
ANSWER: There is a line of copyright text that needs to be placed on any DVD you produce. Each publication has its own specific set of copyright text. This information will be included on your invoice / receipt after you have ordered your 'Recording Rights Licence'. If it turns out that you qualify for a free recording rights licence, please email us with your details and we'll send you the information you need. As for where it goes, that's up to you. We would prefer it to be printed on the DVD itself, or failing that, we'd like it to be printed on the DVD sleeve or cover. However, we know this isn't possible for every customer, therefore, as a last resort, we're happy for it to be printed on an additional letter or slip accompanying the DVD.

QUESTION: Can we purchase this licence after we've sold / distributed our recording? So that we know the exact numbers involved?
ANSWER: Sorry, but no. Our terms and conditions state that any licence needs to be purchased before the terms of use come to fulfilment, not afterwards. Please do not worry too much about the precise numbers involved. Your 'best guess' will suffice.

QUESTION: Do we need to renew our recording licence every year?
ANSWER: Only, if you want to carry on distributing recordings again, or if an online video was posted in the first year, and you want to keep it online for longer. To clarify further, each recording licence is sold for a 12 month term only. Once this annual recording licence expires, you will need to order a new recording licence from this page, but only if you wish to distribute recordings of one of our publications again.

QUESTION: Can we put our video on YouTube or Facebook?
ANSWER: We insist that any recording of your performance going online is password protected in some way, so that it can only be accessed by your intended audience. Neither Facebook nor YouTube have a password protect setting. Facebook let you limit the views to 'friends only', but this doesn't always reflect your intended audience and could make your licence more expensive than it needs to be. YouTube do have a 'private video' setting, which you're welcome to try, but it is hidden away in the YouTube account settings and can be very complex to use as it requires you to manually type in the email addresses of everyone who you want to view the video. Therefore, we don't recommend using YouTube for this purpose
However, you can place unprotected short clips of your performance on YouTube or social media (no more than one minute in length / no more than 50% of any one song / no more than four clips altogether).
ALTERNATIVES: Instead of placing your whole performance on YouTube or Facebook, we recommend that you contact the people who manage your organisation's website, as creating a password protected page on your website is actually a lot easier than it sounds and they should be able to help you. Failing that you could try other services like Zoom or Vimeo. Finally, if you're still stuck for ways to display your recording online, then feel free to contact us as we can host it for you on a private page on our website, for a reasonable charge. We can even provide the means for you to offer a 'buy-and-keep' option to your families, so that they can pay to retain a copy - helping you to do a bit of fund-raising! Please contact us for details.

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