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This page is for customers who wish to have an existing download order reset or renewed. Please read all the information below, before ordering.

Download Reset

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  • Download Reset + Annual Licence Renewal
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Why Can't I Access My Download? Download links are valid for 3 months and for up to 20 download attempts. We advise you to save your download files to a secure location, and also make a back-up on a different device. If you have now run into difficulties for any reason and need to access your original download link again, then how we proceed depends on when the original order was placed:

ORIGINAL ORDER OVER 12 MONTHS AGO: If your original purchase was more than 12 months ago, then there will be a minimum charge of £9.99 each time you want your link to be reset. You can use this page to pay for that service.

ORIGINAL ORDER UNDER 12 MONTHS AGO: If your original order was less than 12 months ago and you have been having technical difficulties, then your link can be reset for free. Please CONTACT US for your free reset, and please let us know the nature of the technical difficulties so that we can help you find a suitable resolution.
On the other hand, if you are under 12 months, but are not having technical issues (e.g. you want it reset because you have lost the downloaded material, or you have exhausted your 20 downloads by accessing it on multiple devices, or because the initial 12 months are nearly up and you want to use it again this year) then you can have your link reset by paying the service charge on this page.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please choose between the licensed & unlicensed options above. Tick the option you want and complete the two text boxes. Then 'Add to basket'. If there are multiple titles that you wish to be reset, please add one item to your basket, before coming back to this page, completing the two input boxes with the new details, and then 'Add to basket' again.

Please allow us up to 24 hours to activate your download.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Click the i symbol on the left of each product option above to see the difference between the licensed and unlicensed options.

LICENSING: If your previous purchase was over 12 months ago, then your performance licence will also need to be renewed. A new one-year (annual) licence is £20. To buy now, please select the licensed option above. Or, to save time, you can return to the original product page and purchase the 'Download + Half Price One Year Licence'. In some cases this will be the cheaper option. In some cases, it may be slightly may be slightly more, but at least then you would have your download instantly, instead of waiting up to 24 hours. For further information about licensing requirements and FAQ, please visit our 'Performance Licence' page.

BIG CHANGES FOR 2022: In the new year we're going to be changing our website a lot. At the moment we sell all our publications via 'Instant Downloads', or 'Multipurpose CDs'. But during 2021 we are aiming to switch to a subscription based 'Streaming Service': For an annual subscription you get instant access to all the material you would find in one of our existing download or CD products, but everything will be instantly available after ordering, on any device, without any zip files in sight. Audio CDs will be available as an optional extra. Therefore, from next year you won't be able to renew any existing download, instead you will be expected to purchase a new annual subscription, which is expected to be between £20 and £40 depending on the publication chosen. This then, is your last chance to receive your existing download for the minimum price of just £9.99.

QUESTION: I didn't see anything about expiring download links before I purchased.
ANSWER: Sorry if you missed this information. It is available in the 'Options tab' for every product page for each of our publications. In addition, it is also mentioned in the very first download information email you receive from us after completing your order. It is also mentioned on the downloads page in the account area of this website (where your green button link is located). Therefore, there are at least three chances to view this information before you clicked your download link for the very first time.

QUESTION: But I've already purchased it. Why should I purchase it again? It's mine, I have a right to it.
ANSWER: Sorry, but no. Please look at it this way... if you had originally ordered a CD option instead, and then you had lost or broken the CD, does that mean we should automatically provide you with a free replacement? Similarly, if you have lost your original download files, and you now require us to fulfil a new service to you by restoring your original download material, then we have every right to make a charge for providing that service.

QUESTION: £9.99 is a bit steep for just clicking a button on your end.
ANSWER: Sorry, It's not as simple as that. Because our website is getting a bit old now (part of the reason why we're changing it completely in the new year) there isn't a universal magic button we can click to re-activte old downloads from years ago. Very often there is a bit of programming involved at our end. The quickest we've ever reactivated a very old download is around ten minutes. But sometimes, it can take up to half-an-hour. Therefore, because this process can be very time consuming for us, we feel justified in charging a minimal amount of £9.99 for this service.

QUESTION: I originally purchased a CD version, but I've lost it. Rather than getting a replacement CD can I use this service instead to get the download version of the same CD?
ANSWER: Yes, as long as we still have the details of the original order and this new order is placed using the same customer account.

QUESTION: Why does it take 24 hours? I need it urgently.
ANSWER: The quoted timescale of 24 hours is the maximum amount of time a download reset usually takes. However, we often manage to provide this service a lot quicker than that. If it's during office hours, we'll usually arrange your reset before the end of the working day. If it's outside of office hours, then it could take 12-24 hours.

Thank you
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