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Site Licence - User Licence

Allowing you to share digital files from any Learn2soar publication, with other users in your organisation. Details below.

Site Licence - User Licence

Physical Options

  • Basic User Licence A: 1-4 Devices (FREE for 1st Year)
  • Basic User Licence B: 1-4 Devices (Annual Renewal)
  • Site Licence A: 5-10 Devices
  • Site Licence B: 11-20 Devices
  • Site Licence C: 21-50 Devices
  • Site Licence D: 51-100 Devices

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EXPLANATION: This licence is for customers who wish to share digital files taken from any Learn2soar publication, with other users in their organisation. For example, sharing files on hard drive or cloud space, emailing files, or by sharing our original download link.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the text boxes above, select the appropriate category and 'Add to Basket'. Complete the checkout process and you are instantly covered for one year (starting from the date of licence purchase). UK schools can also use the same checkout function to pay via school invoice.

MORE: Please click the 'More' tab for further information.

WHEN IT'S FREE: A Basic Annual User Licence is included for free with every initial purchase of any full priced Learn2soar publication. This Basic User Licence allows you to share the contents of any Learn2soar publication (via any means) between no more than FOUR devices, without having to pay anything extra for a Site Licence. The digital files must remain on those devices only and may not be shared with any further devices in any way, shape or form.

(1) If you want to renew your Basic Annual User Licence for another year, then there is a small cost. However, if you renew any
Annual Performance Licence, then the associated Basic User Licence Renewal (for up to four devices) is included for free.
(2) If you want to share any Learn2soar publication between more than four devices, via any means, then you will have to purchase a Site Licence from this page (which can be annually renewed as appropriate). The type of site licence you require depends on the total number of devices that the material is placed on, or accessed with. See above for price list.

LICENCE LIMITATIONS: Please note, each price quoted above is for a ONE-OFF payment, for a ONE-YEAR licence, for ONE Learn2soar publication only. There will be no automatic recurring charges. However, if you would like your usage to continue beyond 12 months, then you will have to manually renew your licence on an annual basis by purchasing from this page again. Similarly, if you purchase other Learn2soar publications in the future, then new separate user / site licences will be required for those publications.

QUESTION: Does our shared drive / server / cloud space count as one device?
ANSWER: No, you just need to count all the various devices that will be accessing the material from that shared location. Each separate device should be counted. E.g. computers / tablets / phones.

QUESTION: Am I allowed to share these files with cast members (children), or is it for staff only?
ANSWER: You can share any file with any other user - child or staff. You just need to count the the total number of devices that will be accessing the files. To keep your costs down and make things simple, we suggest you inform all other users that they can only access the files with one device only, but that decision is completely up to you.

QUESTION: We'd like to buy a licence for a higher number than 100 devices. Is that possible?
ANSWER: Yes, of course. Please contact us for a quote.

QUESTION: Is there software on your products that prevents us from sharing / copying, unless we purchase this licence?
ANSWER: Currently, no. There is nothing to stop any customer from sharing our material with any number of users / devices, but this is of course illegal, as unauthorised sharing/copying would be classed as an 'act of piracy'. Therefore, we rely on the honesty of our customers to purchase this licence, as and when appropriate. However, plans are in place for device limiting software to be introduced to all our products in the new year.

QUESTION: We have purchased two of your musicals and plan to combine them to produce one single show. Do I need two licences, or can I get away with one?
ANSWER: Sorry, but each product requires its own set of licences, no matter how you intend to combine them. In this case you would need to purchase two separate digital files site licences, one for each musical.

QUESTION: I've moved schools. Can I renew my licences with my new school's details instead?
ANSWER: Sorry, but renewals are only allowed when purchased by the exact same buyer, with the publication used in the exact same extablishment that it was originally used in. In all other circumstances a new full priced publication / licence will need to be purchased.

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