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Learn2soar Terms & Conditions


Before ordering or using any of our publications, products or services, you must agree to our 'Full Terms & Conditions'. This web page details the some of the key points from our terms and conditions, in an easy to read format. However, if you would like to read our 'FULL Terms & Conditions', you may do so by clicking on this link > | LEARN2SOAR FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS | These terms are in addition to and do not affect your statutory rights. We reserve the right to alter/add to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If at any time, you believe there to be a discrepancy or contradiction between the information on this particular web page and the contents of our 'Full Terms & Conditions' document , please do inform us so we can make any clarifications that are necessary, but in the case of any discrepancy the terms provided in our 'Full Terms & Conditions' document will always take precedence.

By placing any order with us, customers acknowledge their complete acceptance of our full terms and conditions.

By making any use any of resources or services found in any of our publications, or on this website, users acknowledge their complete acceptance of our full terms and conditions, whether they have purchased goods or services from us or not.

From time to time, buyers and users may attempt to impose their own terms and conditions. As an act of good faith, we will attempt to comply wherever possible, but in the case of any dispute that may arise, our full terms and conditions will always apply and take precedence.


IMPORTANT - To avoid any confusion, before ordering you must:

A) Read ALL information about the product you are purchasing on the relevant product web page including all 'tabbed sections' found at the foot of each product page, so that you fully understand the nature of the product you are purchasing. If there is any piece of information you do not understand then you must seek clarification from us either before you order or at the time of ordering.

B) Attempt to listen to all song samples and view script samples (if appropriate) from every product you intend to purchase. Samples can be found on every product page by scrolling down to the tabbed sections.

C) Read and agree to abide by our full terms and conditions. You may not order from us unless you have first read, understood and agree to all our full terms and conditions. If there is any piece of information you do not understand then you must seek clarification from us either before you order or at the time of ordering.


A) Customers should firstly try to order through this website themselves, in order to formally accept our terms and conditions as part of the order process, to choose their own security details, and to ensure that they can quickly and easily access any online digital resources that have been included in their purchase. However, if any customer encounters any difficulty in ordering through this website, then they can place their order via phone, post or email, and in doing so the customer is formally authorising employees / agents of Learn2soar to complete the website order and accept these terms and conditions on their behalf. Therefore, we only accept orders that are placed through this website, either directly placed by the customer themselves, or via employees / agents of Learn2soar who have been formally authorised by the customer to place the order on their behalf.

B) Any customer worldwide can order through this website and pay immediately with a credit card, debit card, or by using PayPal.  Upon order completion you will have instant access to any online digital resources that are included in your purchase.

C) In addition, 'UK based schools' have the option to order any type of goods or services from us with a '30 Day Invoice'. This means that upon order completion, the ordering establishment would have immediate access to any online digital resource they had ordered. They would also be sent an invoice and would have 30 days to pay it (running from the order date).

INCLUDED: The expression 'UK based schools' includes all public or private educational establishments for children aged three to eighteen, that have been officially recognised as a school by the UK / Scottish / Welsh / Northern Ireland Government’s educational departments.

EXCLUDED: (i) The expression 'UK based schools' excludes all non-UK based addresses, as well as UK based private nursery / early years establishments, home-schooling parents / carers, private tutors, day-care establishments, crèches, toddler groups, religious groups, playgroups, or any other private individuals, organisations or businesses. (ii) These excluded people / organisations can still order from us but must pay in full at the time of ordering. In exceptional circumstances we can allow excluded organisations to order via the invoice method of payment, but you must contact us first to explain your circumstances, obtain our permission and agree to pay any additional fees or charges that may apply. (iii) If at any time our website seems to allow any excluded person or organisation to make use of our invoice service, such a use would still not be allowed unless our express prior permission had been sought and obtained. If any excluded person or organisation then made use of our invoice service without permission, that invoice would be classed as an 'unauthorised invoice' and the buyer concerned would have to make full payment immediately, with additional fees and charges applying if full payment had not been made within 7 days.

D) We do not require 'Purchase Orders' to be sent by any organisation. However, you are welcome to send us purchase order documents if you are required to do so because of your organisation's official payment procedures. Alternatively, you can just send us your 'Purchase Order Number' or any associated order details, which can be referenced on your invoice as required. Please note that even if you do send a purchase order, you still need to place the order through our website as detailed in section 3A above.


We do not distribute 'inspection copies' of our publications 'on approval' under any circumstance. However, you can hear samples from every song and view script samples from every product here on our website by going to the appropriate product page and scrolling down to the tabbed section. We'll also gladly provide you with any further specific details that you require to help you make an informed decision before you order. Just ring us or email us for any information or advice that you need.


A) Physical Items Containing Copyrighted Media (CDs): Due to copyright law we are unable to accept returned physical items containing copyrighted media. The only exception is the statutory 14 day 'right to cancel' for unsealed goods. I.e. If you wish to return a CD purchase within 14 days you may do so only if it has not been opened and remains sealed in the enclosed envelope. You then need to contact us to inform us of your intention to return the CD/s. You must then return the item/s at your own expense using recorded delivery or similar means. A refund will be processed once the CD/s have been safely returned and we have verified that the CD/s have not been unsealed, used or damaged in any way. Postage and delivery costs are non-refundable under any circumstance.

B) Digital Downloadable or Streamed Publications, Resources or Services Containing Copyrighted Media: You have 14 days to cancel your order provided no part of the digital resources have been accessed. To clarify, our computer systems record every occurrence of a digital resource link being clicked on. Any such click will be regarded as a complete download of the entire publication. Therefore, once any link has been clicked on, the right to cancel is lost. In the unlikely circumstance that the customer is unable to gain access to any aspect of the digital resource, don't worry, free technical support is available. We promise that you will receive all the material you have paid for, one way or another, as quickly as possible.

C) Licensing Services: Where any licence is bundled with a physical or digital product, then the returns policies in the above two paragraphs apply and take precedence. Where a licence is ordered outside of any bundle, then that licence can be exchanged / refunded / amended within 30 days of the order date.


In the unlikely event that you believe you have a faulty product, or a product that is not compatible with your equipment, please inform us immediately via phone or email and we will always attempt to rectify the situation as a matter of urgency. In addition, please note the following:

A) For Physical Products Containing Copyrighted Media (CDs): (i) If you believe that the goods ordered have some type of manufacturing fault, or have suffered damage whilst in transit, or if we have sent you the wrong item (and it is clearly our error) you must inform us within 30 days. We will then endeavour to exchange the product or rectify the situation via the best means necessary and as urgently as possible, but please note that refunds / exchanges cannot be made for any unsealed CD due to copyright law. (ii) If you inform us of a fault or issue after 30 days from the order date, then as an act of good faith we will attempt to help you wherever possible, but will be under no obligation to replace the goods unless it can be proved without doubt that the fault was present from the moment delivery was made. (iii) Any faults reported by customers at any time must not include faults caused as a result of wear and tear, e.g. CDs that have become scratched/scuffed/marked/cracked. In these cases, the customer can instead purchase a low-priced 'back up CD' or 'Extra CD' from the relevant product page on this website. (iv) In the event that you find that the goods ordered are incompatible with your equipment, this will not be regarded as a fault; however we will rectify the situation as a matter of urgency by supplying all the material purchased in a form that is compatible. (v) If at any time you receive the wrong item and it's clearly your fault (i.e. you've accidentally ordered the wrong item) we will be under no obligation to exchange or refund that item, unless it is being returned under the statutory 14 days right to cancel for copyrighted media that has not been unsealed. For further details please see our FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

B) Digital Downloadable or Streamed Publications, Resources or Services Containing Copyrighted Media: (i) You are advised to check the condition of the material as soon as possible. If you find that any aspect of the digital goods has some type of fault, please inform us immediately. We will then endeavour to repair or replace the item via the best means necessary, as urgently as possible. Refunds can only be made in accordance with section 5B above. (ii) In the unlikely event that you find that any aspect of any digital resource or service is incompatible with your equipment, this will not be regarded as a fault, however as an act of good faith we will attempt to rectify the situation as a matter of urgency by supplying you with the material in a format that is compatible, or by suggesting a software solution. (iii) If any customer accidentally orders the wrong publication (and it is the customer's fault), we will be under no obligation to refund or exchange that order, unless it is refunded under the 14 day statutory right to cancel for unused goods, as detailed in section 5B above. (iv) If any customer receives the wrong publication and it is clearly our fault (where we have placed the order on the customer's behalf), then an immediate exchange for the correct item will be provided.


ALL material on this website including images, sound clips and text are protected by copyright. ALL material is provided for advertising / evaluation / approval / ordering purposes only, and may not be copied, used or resold in any way or for any other purpose, without the express written permission of Learn2soar Limited. By using this website, you are agreeing to this policy. Any reported incident of a violation of this policy will be passed to relevant law enforcement authorities.

All our products are protected by copyright worldwide. We allow the buyer to make one copy of any full priced CD, purely for backup purposes. Customers are strictly not allowed to make multiple copies of CDs, even for rehearsal purposes. Such actions will be treated as 'acts of piracy' and legal action will be taken. However, multiple copies of any of our products can be purchased on this website at a discounted rate by visiting the relevant product page. Please note that we will be under no obligation to provide a free backup CD if the buyer’s attempts to make one backup CD fail. We are happy to provide limited technical support and advice in this area, but in the unlikely event that you are completely unable to make a copy yourself, then your only option to purchase a backup copy from us by visiting the relevant product page.


A) Copyright Licensing Document: All of our publications contain a document referred to as a 'Copyright Licensing Document'. The contents of this document vary slightly from product to product, with several different document name variations (depending on the product range). So for example it might be called, 'Important Copyright Licensing Information', or 'Annual Licence & Copyright Info', or 'User Licence & Copyright Info'. Regardless of the file name used and the exact contents, these documents address key information that is either established copyright licensing law, or are details mentioned in our own terms and conditions (related to this page), as well as information found on related product pages, or our licence pages: Performance Licences, Recording Licences or User Licences / Digital Files Site Licences. Therefore, even though all of this information is spread across this website, we still advise you to carefully read the contents of any copyright licensing document found within your publication, and take any appropriate action, before you begin to use any part of your publication. If you subsequently decide to reject any terms stated in any such licensing document, such a rejection will not entitle you to any type of compensation or refund in any way.

B) When To Buy / Renew Your Licence: If your intended use of any our works means that you need to obtain any type of licence from us, or upgrade any product purchase, then that licence or upgrade should be ordered before you need it rather than afterwards. E.g. Performance Licences must be ordered before any show takes place, not afterwards. Recording Licences should be obtained before recordings are distributed, not afterwards. Site Licences should be obtained before sharing our songs / scripts around your establishment, not afterwards. This applies at licence renewal as well. All our licence products are sold on an annual basis, meaning any licence purchased from us expires 12 months after the date of ordering. Therefore, if the scope of your intended usage goes beyond 12 months, then your licence must be renewed, or a new licence purchased, no later than the 1 year anniversary of the original licence's order date.

C) Licence Providers: (i) Please note that for the majority of licensing requirements you may have, with regards to any of our publications, we are the ONLY licensing providers. Licences issued by any other organisation do not apply. (ii) The only exception is CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) who licence the unlimited printing / copying / display of song lyrics and sheet music (within your establishment only). If your establishment doesn't already hold any type of CCLI licence, then we advise you to obtain one at your earliest convenience and record all appropriate song usage with them, not just for Learn2soar songs, but also for songs from any other publisher. (iii) Where the buyer is associated with an establishment that holds no such licence agreement with CCLI and declines the opportunity to enter into any such agreement, then any lyric / sheet music reproduction is strictly limited. Please see our full terms and conditions, or your licensing documentation for details.

D) Fines and Charges: Where we discover that any establishment or individual has used one of our publications without any required licence or required upgrade having been ordered in advance, the buyer / user will be issued with an invoice for the maximum cost of the relevant licence / upgrade, plus additional fines / compensatory charges.


A) What's NOT Allowed: (i) You are not allowed to sell, re-sell or advertise the sale of any of our publications, or any resource or content directly taken from any of our products, in any format, via any means. There are no exceptions. (ii) You are not allowed to share or redistribute any of our publications, or any resource or content directly taken from any of our publications, in any format, via any means, outside of the scope provided by any associated user licence or site licence issued by Learn2soar. (iii) You are not allowed to place any content directly taken from any of our publications, or place any of your own performance recordings into the public domain via web pages, social media, apps, film, television, radio, print media, advertising media, or in any other way, shape or form, without firstly obtaining our express permission and paying any royalty or licensing fee that then becomes due.

B) What IS Allowed: (i) Buyers may place recordings of their own performances online (featuring any part of any of our products, where an appropriate Learn2soar performance licence is held) via a password protected video or webpage, so that it can only be accessed by users directly associated with the buyer’s organisation. If the buyer chooses to charge a fee for access to this recording, or allow fifty or more users to access the recording, then the buyer may need to purchase a 'Recording Rights Licence' directly from us to allow that level of usage. (ii) The buyer may share digital content taken directly from any of our publications with users directly associated with the buyer’s establishment only. A basic annual user licence is automatically included with every publication available from us, allowing the files in any one publication to be shared between no more than four devices, for an initial 30 day period, or twelve-month period only (depending on product purchased). This user licence may be upgraded / renewed as required. (iii) If required, the buyer can share digital files from any of our products between more than four devices, by obtaining an annual Site Licence from us. Site Licences can be renewed annually if required. (iv) If at any point, any site licence or user licence expires and the option to upgrade / renew is not taken, then any digital files the buyer / user has saved / printed / copied from the relevant product, must be deleted or destroyed. (v) When providing any user with access to any shared resource from any of our publications, the buyer / user must ensure that the material cannot be accessed by the general public, or any additional users that would be in excess of the amount of devices dictated in the site licence / user licence.

C) Fines and Charges: Where any of the above terms and conditions are broken in any way, we reserve the right to claim back the cost of any licence fee that should have been purchased and further to make additional compensatory charges and fines.


Please click here to read our PRIVACY POLICY.


If we send you a voucher code to reduce the cost of any item on our website, then at the same time we will also tell you about any restrictions on the use of that voucher code and also tell you about the voucher code's true intended purpose. If a technical fault then appears on our website which appears to allow the use of any voucher code for anything other than its intended purpose, or outside of the bounds of any imposed restrictions, then the subsequent incorrect use of that voucher will not be allowed and the original full price of any item ordered will be required in full.


A) Schedule: With regards to physical goods, UK customers must immediately contact us if they have not received delivery of their goods within 14 days of the order being placed (21 days for non-UK customers). At this point we will re-send your delivery via a different tracked delivery service. Customers must then inform us again if delivery has still not been received within a further 14 days (21 days for non-UK customers). We will then investigate and address this issue with the utmost urgency. However, if any customer contacts us after the 28 day period (42 days for non-UK customers) to say that they never received delivery at all, we will be under no obligation to provide a replacement product, or a refund. Instead, you may purchase a low-priced back-up copy from this website.

B: Customs / import / duty / tax: For overseas (non-UK) customers, we are not responsible for any customs / import / duty / tax, charged by your country's authorities for you to receive delivery of physical, or digital goods. Any such charge must be paid by you, the customer. Similarly, we cannot be held accountable for any delay or confiscation of your physical order, due to customs/import procedures in your location.


Our website can display your transaction in a variety of currencies. However, any non-UK currency amounts displayed on our website are an estimation only, based on current exchange rates. All transactions are conducted in GBP sterling, with the amount due automatically converted by your bank / credit card provider, at their own exchange rate. Therefore, you will need to view your bank or card statement to see the exact amount that any transaction may have cost you. Please note that some banks / card providers will increase the exchange rate and/or add on additional charges for any transactions which are not in your regular domestic currency. We accept no responsibility for any such additional charges, or for any amounts charged, which are different to the amounts shown on our website. If you are in any doubt, please check with your own bank, or card provider, before making payment.


Regrettably, there are times when customers accidentally provide incorrect delivery address details. In these circumstances: (i) Learn2soar will always aim to give the best customer service and help to rectify the situation as efficiently as possible. However, Learn2soar reserves the right to charge additional postage costs where a subsequent redelivery is required. (ii) Furthermore, if the item posted to the incorrect address has not been returned to us or has become lost, then the customer shall be liable for the cost of re-stocking that item, regardless of whether a re-delivery is required or not.


A) Where editable scripts and editable song sheets have been provided, the buyer / user is permitted to make any changes that are required, within these terms and conditions, in order to rewrite, shorten, or lengthen any script, or rewrite any section of any lyrics, or to use any alternative songs. Similarly, with regards to any included advice about staging, costumes, make-up or scenery, as well as any images or text included in PowerPoint files, videos, activity sheets or artwork, the buyer / user is free to alter, disregard, or add to any of it, as required, within these terms and conditions. There is normally no need for any buyer / user to contact us to ask for any special permissions, with regards to any changes any buyer / user could wish to make to any aspect of any publication, prior to any performances, rehearsals or activities the buyer / user may wish to hold. However, there are three rules that must be followed:

(i) RETAIN THE SPIRIT OF THE PUBLICATION: Throughout any editing, the buyer / user must ensure that the storyline and spirit of the original script / songs, along with any original source material that the script / songs are based on, remains intact.

(ii) DO NOT ADD ANY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: Under no circumstance should any buyer / user seek to add any text, imagery or action to any script or song from any of the supplier’s products, or any related scenery, costume, make up, background image, dance, movement, acting directive, advertising, activity sheet, programme or ticketing, which could possibly be seen as a profanity, or be seen as being blasphemous, sacrilegious, lewd, offensive, obscene, insulting, defamatory, disparaging, illicit or politicized, in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, no aspect of any section of any of our products can be included as part of any separate work (written or published by individuals, publishers or establishments not connected with Learn2soar) which contains any type of potentially offensive material (as previously detailed) in any section of that work.

(iii) ACCREDITATION: Buyers / users are not allowed to claim any aspect of any of our products as being their own work or attempt to take credit in any way for any copyrighted material where the copyright is even partially owned by Learn2soar. Full credit should be given to the publisher (to be stated as ‘’) and to the supplier’s writers / performers, as appropriate.

B) If at any time, we discover that a performance is planned which goes against any of these guidelines, then we reserve the right to deny permission for that performance to go ahead. Any subsequent performance without appropriate remedial changes would then be classed as an ‘unauthorised performance’. Similarly, if at any stage, we discover that a performance which goes against these guidelines, has already taken place, then that too will be classed as an ‘unauthorised performance’. And in the case of any unauthorised performance which has taken place in any way, shape or form, at any time, we reserve the right to issue unlimited fines and/or receive appropriate compensatory charges for any damages caused to our brand / company / writers.


We gladly welcome reviews left by any customer. Reviews can be submitted online through this website, or through comments submitted via email or phone, using the details on the 'Contact Us' page. However, we reserve the right to not publish any review without having to give notice of, or give any explanation for any decision we take, with the following points taken into consideration:

A) Reviews will only be published when verified that they are from a certified customer of Learn2soar goods or services. Furthermore, in the case of plays, musicals and assembly productions, reviews will only be published where it can be verified that the customer in question has actually staged a full performance of the stated piece of work. The only exception to this rule is in the case of independent reviews published by national magazines and newspapers.

B) Reviews will not be published if they are in anyway abusive, derogatory, insulting, offensive, grossly unfair, or if they contain links to any other website, individual or company.

C) In order to protect the young children who perform on all our vocal recordings, reviews will not be published which directly address their performance skills in a negative way.

D) Reviews will not be published, if it is clear from the comments in the review that the customer has not followed the supplier’s advice, information or terms and conditions, as set out on this page and in any material which has been sent with the order, or that they have misused the product in question, or used it for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or if we believe that they have significantly edited or altered the material contained within the publication.

E) Reviews about any specific technical problem will only be published if the buyer / user in question has already received direct support and assistance from the Supplier’s Customer Support / Technical Support teams.


Learn2soar Limited is not liable for any damages arising from the use of, or inability to use, our website or any material contained in it or any publications, goods or services provided by Learn2soar, in any way shape or form, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this website or of using the content of any publications, goods or services provided by Learn2soar. You use Learn2soar's website, publications, goods and services entirely at your own discretion and risk.

This site may offer links to other sites thereby enabling you to leave this site and go directly to the linked sites. Similarly, some products sold by Learn2soar Limited contain links to other websites. Learn2soar is not responsible for the content of any linked site not operated by Learn2soar or any link in a linked site not operated by Learn2soar. Learn2soar is not responsible for any transmission received from any linked site. The inclusion of a link to a site not operated by Learn2soar does not imply that Learn2soar endorses or has approved the linked site.

Please view our 'FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS' for our full disclaimer / liability statements.