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MINI POP STAR - School Music Workshop - Record a School CD

"I would like to say thank you so much for the wonderful workshop you provided last week. Every group that left the classroom did so singing and full of energy. The children were very excited about what they had created and had so much to talk about afterwards. We are very much looking forward to hearing our CD. Thank you again for your time, energy and expertise!" ” H Morgans, Music Coordinator, St Marys School Evesham, March 2013

What Happens
Up to 4 different classes / year groups will work with professional children’s composer Stuart Ross to write their own songs and record their own CD. Remember, the songs don't have to be 'pop-songs', they can be made using any style of music with the words being about any subject you choose. LISTEN TO SAMPLES BELOW! (See TABS Section below)

How It Works
In an amazing 60-90 minutes per group, the pupils will firstly write some lyrics (a first draft can be prepared in advance if you like). Whilst finalising the lyrics, Stuart may take the opportunity to discuss various aspects of poetry with the children, for example rhyme, alliteration and syllables. Then with Stuart’s help, the children will compose a melody line and a song will be born. Now the magic really starts as Stuart instantly adds some wonderful backing music with his keyboard / computer. Finally the children get to record their vocals using professional recording equipment. The finished recordings are taken away to be carefully mixed, mastered and placed on a specially designed CD. Four copies of the CD are then sent to the school (more copies can be ordered later if required at a very low price). Schools can then re-sell the CDs onto pupils and parents for any amount they want, in order to raise money for school funds or to help pay for the cost of the workshop. (Maximum 4 songs per day).

Suitable For: Y2,3,4,5,6. (Ages 7-11)
Time needed: 1 school day for up to four groups / classes of children to write and record one song per group.
All Inclusive Price = £330 + Possible travel and accommodation expenses (see TABS Section below)
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What You Get For Your Money
The above price includes one full day's workshop and at least one extra day's work carefully mixing, mastering, designing, producing and duplicating the finished CDs. Price includes four free CDs of the finished recordings. More CDs can be ordered later if required at a very low price (Approx 90p to £1 per disk, depending on quantity ordered). You can then re-sell the disks on to pupils / parents for any price you want. Discounts available for multiple bookings. Please note that travel and accommodation expenses may apply depending on your location. Please see TABS Section below or contact us for an exact quote.

"Stuart was brilliant with the children and the way they were encouraged to write their own songs and the speed at which it all happened was simply amazing! The CDs came back promptly and we were delighted with the results. A great experience and an exceptionally fulfilling day!" L. Hennessey, Teacher

What Makes Us Unique
Since we started this workshop over 12 years ago, several other companies have sprung up trying to copy us... some even make the claim of being able to do it for free! However, all these other companies offer is a type of 'karaoke recording service' – hardly educational! But with Learn2soar, the children really do write their own songs and gain so much in the process, valuable literacy and music skills as well as boosting their self confidence. We’re only aware of one other company that will write as well as record with the pupils, but they will only do this if they’re booked for a whole week and they’ll only produce one or two songs! However, our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has the talent, experience and ability to be able to get the children to write and record up to four songs in a single day and still have time to deliver a fun presentation on the 'art of songwriting'! - A much better use of your time and money. Furthermore, Stuart is also a former primary school teacher and school music adviser, thereby ensuring that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications as well as vast experience.
And please beware of the so called 'free recording workshops’ that some companies supposedly offer... the small print of their contracts usually requires you to promise to purchase a few hundred copies of the finished CDs at several pounds each, making the final bill very, very expensive! With Learn2soar however, we give you all the costs up front. We will supply additional disks ONLY if required and ONLY at cost price (Approx 90p to £1 per disk depending on quantity ordered). You can re-sell them on for whatever amount you want. Therefore choosing a Learn2soar pop star workshop makes financial sense as well as educational sense.

"SUPERB! The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the day!" G. Babb, Headteacher.

Differences Between the "Pop Star" & "Mini Pop Star" Workshops:
The full "Pop Star" workshop is designed for one class to record up to four songs in one day, either as a class or preferably by splitting up into 'pop-groups'. The class also starts off the day by listening to a fun presentation about the art of song writing with special focus on writing lyrics. It is recommended for Yr 4/5/6 only (Ages 9-11).
On the other hand, the "Mini Pop Star" workshop advertised on this page, is designed for a large amount of children rather than just one class. Therefore up to four different groups / classes / year groups can work with the visiting composer for about an hour each to write & record one song each. Furthermore, if you choose the 'Mini Pop Star' option, then to save time, there is no introductory song writing presentation, just a brief introduction about the aims of the day. The 'Mini Pop Star' workshop is recommended for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (Ages 7-11).

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MINI POP STAR - School Music Workshop - Record a School CD

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To Book:

  • Call or email us (see below). Tell us what workshop you want along with numbers / ages of children, along with any special requests. Please let us know if you have any dates in mind. Finally, please let us know the address of your school so we can work out if any travel / accommodation expenses are applicable.
  • We will send you a quote along with a booking form.
  • Complete the booking form and return it to us.
  • We will then usually invoice you for 10% of the total amount due (unless the date of the proposed workshop is less than 30 days away or unless the total amount due is less than £200). The 10% amount due will be your 'booking deposit'. From the moment the 'booking deposit' invoice is issued, the workshop booking will be confirmed.
  • Following completion of the workshop you will be invoiced for the remaining 90% (Balance due).
  • Payment for all invoices are due within 30 days and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Further terms and conditions specific to the workshop you wish to book are included with the booking form.
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WHERE ARE WE: Learn2soar workshops are available to ANY establishment in the UK. However, please note that we are based in the Manchester area, thus the further away we have to travel, the more expenses we will have to add on to cover travel costs and possible overnight accommodation:

TRAVEL COSTS: We usually charge between 25p - 40p a mile. When making a judgment on the actual expenses to charge each customer, we look at the current 'pence-per-litre' price at the average filling station. We also include a slight discount if you have booked more than one day, or booked a more expensive type of workshop. Please contact us for an exact quote.

ACCOMMODATION COSTS: If your establishment is over 2.5 hours away from Manchester then we will normally add on one night's accommodation expenses for every workshop day booked. We always use budget hotels where possible, but the cost is usually somewhere between £50 and £75 per night, depending on average hotel costs in your area for the proposed dates. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has over 20 years experience as a teacher, musician and professional songwriter. As a former Primary School Music Advisor, he has the talent, experience and ability to ensure that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications and vast experience.

Click here to learn more about Stuart Ross

Any staff we bring into your establishment will be fully DBS checked and vetted. DBS documentation is available upon request.

Please contact us for an exact quote:

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Very good
"I chose the half day mini pop workshop for my year 3 class. The children recorded a song for a retiring member of staff as well as a funny rap. They enjoyed it and left with smiles on their faces. After the rest of the school had heard the CD, many other staff were asking about the workshop for their classes as well, so you might be getting a few more calls from our school. With thanks."
by Rachel Holmes, Assistant Head

"I managed to book the Mini Pop Star workshop for my Y3/4 class as a treat for their excellent behaviour. Mr Ross spent the day with them writing songs and playing music. We then split them up into four groups of six and each group recorded a song each with some solos as well. The groups gave themselves funny pop-group names like Take This and Girls Not Allowed and had a whale of a time. Now that they've recorded these amazing songs they want to make music videos - though I'm not sure how we're going to manage that!!!!! Thanks for a great workshop."
by Suzzi Lovatt

Very succesful
"The composer came to our school to work with our four year 5 and 6 classes. As well as enabling the pupils to write and record four great songs, he also found the time to begin the day with a song writing presentation which the kids found very interesting. Overall this was a very successful day. Thanks."
by Toni Forino, KS2 leader

A Christmas treat
"Thank you for visiting our school as a Christmas treat for some of our children. The 2 festive songs you recorded with the children were surprisingly good, considering the very short amount of time you had with them. Well done!"
by Mrs Fletcher

Very professional
"First of all I have to apologise to Mr Ross for the poor behaviour of certain members of my class. In retrospect it was probably a very bad idea to book this exciting workshop for the last day of school before half-term, just after SATs! The children were already hyper and some children clearly couldn't control themselves. However, I must congratulate Mr Ross for handling the difficult situation impeccably. He must have previously been an outstanding teacher, managing to diffuse the situation very well and carrying on as if nothing had happened! And then to still help the students produce three amazing songs and a rap... fantastic! All in all it was a superb workshop which I would recommend to any other teacher. If you can visit us again next year we'll book you earlier on in the year when the children aren't as wild!"
by Rebekah Thomas

Chocolate song??? Genius!!!
"Thanks Stuart for travelling for 12 hours to come to our small school in the middle of nowhere! It's very rare that we can ever get workshop artists to visit our school so we were particularly thrilled with your visit! The songs you recorded with our two classes were amazing. If you'd have asked me before hand to guess what the songs would be about, a love song, an alien monster song and a chocolate song would have been the last things on my mind!!! But Stuart took those random ideas and helped the children to create three masterpieces. The chocolate song was my favourite! Utter genius! Cadburys should buy the song from us for their adverts! Thank you for all your hard work and even harder work driving for so long!"
by Jackie Shepherd

High Quality Service
"A high quality service. The children learnt a great deal about writing music. The songs were recorded efficiently and we especially liked the solos that some children performed, particularly when they involved children that often have very little confidence. We paid a little extra at the time of booking to ensure that every child would have a CD no matter what. Even though this meant that over 100 CDs had to be produced, they still came into school very quickly and we were impressed by the print quality and the sound."
by Sara Dekin

"We've recently had a Mini Pop Star workshop for the second year in a row. Both years, Stuart has been fantastic with the students who enjoyed the workshop greatly and learnt a great deal from it. I highly recommend this workshop to any school, but if you have the time and money I would strongly suggest that you consider booking him for as long as you can. To explain, we have four Year 6 classes to cater for. Last year Stuart worked with all of them in a single day, spending roughly 60-90 mins with each class. The songs were very good, but one or two were slightly rushed. Nevertheless, we were still impressed enough to have him back this year as well. This time though we booked him for two days, giving each class a whole morning or afternoon with him. As a result, the quality of the four songs produced was vastly superior. Some teachers had even prepared some lyrics in advance and this gave the class even more time to perfect their recordings with extra verses, bridges, harmonies, group sections and solos all included! I still don't know how Stuart manages to work the miracle of fitting it all into one afternoon, but somehow he does! The Mini Pop Star workshop has to be seen to be believed!"
by T Wylie - Ks2 music co-ordinator

Sincere thanks
"Thank you for agreeing to do a half-day Mini Pop Star workshop in our school. Recording one song with Y3/4 and another with Y5/6, all in one jam-packed morning! It certainly saved us a lot of money and we were extremely pleased with the results."
by Ms Walker: Principal

Mini Pop Star workshop in Berkshire
"We booked the Mini Pop Star Workshop for today as we have four Y6 classes and couldn't afford to do a separate full Pop Star day for each one. However, the workshop man was very accommodating and included the full Pop Star workshop's songwriting presentation to all the classes at the same time at the start of the day. He then spent an hour with each class writing and recording a song with each one. All staff and children found the song writing process to be extremely interesting and got a lot out of the day. We were amazed by the finished results. Thank you for your hard work and we hope you have a safe journey back to Manchester."
by Naomi - Music Coordinator

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