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Children's Songs, Plays, Musicals & Assemblies. Ages 2 to 11+

MUSIC MAN - Childrens Singing and Music Workshop for Ages 2-11


Suitable For
Ages 2-11, with different programmes available for each age range.

What Happens
A fun-filled Musical experience with lots of singing, playing and laughter! The children get to meet professional children's composer Stuart Ross, who will give up to four fun music man sessions in one day (of up to an hour each depending on age of children). Each session is in the form of highly entertaining concert with lots of audience participation.

Stuart will demonstrate around four different instruments and sing fun songs with the children. Some children in each session will also get to play some of Stuart's instruments including mandolin & concertina. If the size of the participating group is less than 30, Stuart will try hard to let every child have an instrument at some point during the session (even if it's just something simple like a tambourine).

To differentiate with the older children, Stuart uses a different routine involving different songs and more detailed instrument information. Stuart may also spend time talking with the children about what it means to be 'a composer' and might even get them to write a quick song with him!

Please see the Tabs below for prices and other important information.

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you! The children really enjoyed the Music Man visit. Thanks for making it very entertaining for all age groups - not an easy task!" G. Platt, Primary Music Coordinator, Stoke On Trent.
Also available: Guitar Music Man
As an alternative, Stuart can bring along and demonstrate several guitars and guitar like instruments: Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin. If you'd like this option just let us know when you book.
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MUSIC MAN - Childrens Singing and Music Workshop for Ages 2-11

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Music Man - Full Day (FOUR 1 Hour Sessions) = £260
4 Sessions of around 1 hour each. How the sessions are split between classes / year groups is totally up to you, but the most popular mix with this option is for 1 hour with all EYFS, 1 hour with Y1/2, 1 hour with Y3/4 & 1 hour with Y5/6 (depending on the size of your year groups). Travel expenses may apply, please see 'expenses' tab, or contact us for a quote.

Music Man - 3/4 Day (THREE 1 Hour Sessions) = £195
3 Sessions of around 1 hour each. How the sessions are split between classes / year groups is totally up to you, Travel expenses may apply, please see 'expenses' tab, or contact us for a quote.

Music Man - Half Day (TWO 1 Hour Sessions) = £135
Please note, this option is usually only available to schools within a 50 mile radius of the Manchester area
2 Sessions of around 1 hour each. The most popular option here is for 1 hour with infants & 1 hour with juniors, but it's up to you. Travel expenses may apply, please see 'expenses' tab, or contact us for a quote.

Music Man - Assembly (ONE 1 Hour Session) = £70
Please note, this option is usually only available for schools in and around the Manchester area
A one hour workshop with an individual class / year group / department or even a whole school. Travel expenses may apply, please see 'expenses' tab, or contact us for a quote.


EXTRA SESSIONS: Stuart will usually only do a maximum of 4 sessions in one day in order to protect his voice. However, on the odd occasion, Stuart has agreed to undertake extra work of a moderate nature. Any work undertaken in excess of the regular maximum of four sessions, will be charged for and will be negotiated with you depending on your exact needs. In the past, extra work has included:

  • School Choir: Stuart has often been asked to work with school choirs over lunch or after school to do vocal exercises / games / songwriting activities / Q&A
  • School Assembly: Giving a school assembly (Talk and song/s)
  • Songwriter Q&A: Meeting with groups of children to answer questions about Stuart's career as a composer
  • Preschool groups / Mother & Toddler groups: Stuart has often been asked to give 10-20 minutes of his time with preschool groups meeting on school premises.

LARGE AUDIENCE: Please note that if any one Music Man session is for a very large audience, then extra costs may apply. This is mainly to cover the cost of bringing extra PA equipment. If the audience/venue is VERY large then we may also possibly charge for the cost of a sound engineer and/or extra musician/s. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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To Book:

  • Call or email us (see below). Tell us what workshop you want along with numbers / ages of children, along with any special requests. Please let us know if you have any dates in mind. Finally, please let us know the address of your school so we can work out if any travel / accommodation expenses are applicable.
  • We will send you a quote along with a booking form.
  • Complete the booking form and return it to us.
  • We will then usually invoice you for 10% of the total amount due (unless the date of the proposed workshop is less than 30 days away or unless the total amount due is less than £200). The 10% amount due will be your 'booking deposit'. From the moment the 'booking deposit' invoice is issued, the workshop booking will be confirmed.
  • Following completion of the workshop you will be invoiced for the remaining 90% (Balance due).
  • Payment for all invoices are due within 30 days and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Further terms and conditions specific to the workshop you wish to book are included with the booking form.
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WHERE ARE WE: Learn2soar workshops are available to ANY establishment in the UK. However, please note that we are based in the Manchester area, thus the further away we have to travel, the more expenses we will have to add on to cover travel costs and possible overnight accommodation:

TRAVEL COSTS: We usually charge between 25p - 40p a mile. When making a judgment on the actual expenses to charge each customer, we look at the current 'pence-per-litre' price at the average filling station. We also include a slight discount if you have booked more than one day, or booked a more expensive type of workshop. Please contact us for an exact quote.

ACCOMMODATION COSTS: If your establishment is over 2.5 hours away from Manchester then we will normally add on one night's accommodation expenses for every workshop day booked. We always use budget hotels where possible, but the cost is usually somewhere between £50 and £75 per night, depending on average hotel costs in your area for the proposed dates. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has over 20 years experience as a teacher, musician and professional songwriter. As a former Primary School Music Advisor, he has the talent, experience and ability to ensure that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications and vast experience.

Click here to learn more about Stuart Ross

Any staff we bring into your establishment will be fully DBS checked and vetted. DBS documentation is available upon request.

Please contact us for an exact quote:

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Lots of positive comments
"Thank you so much for the work you did with our children. I have had lots of positive comments from both children and staff. Staff particularly talked about the way that the children were actively involved and also your ability to differentiate activities for the age of the children. I wil be in touch again for next year."
by N Hill, Music Coordinator

Red Nose Day Special
"Stuart the Music Man came to our school recently on Red Nose Day and really helped to make the day special for our all our children from Nursery to Y6! The younger year groups said he was like Mr Tumble and the older ones loved the fact that he used an electric guitar and even did a One Direction song. Although I wasn't in the hall for the full day, any time I passed by I could either hear energetic singing or fun-filled laughter. All the staff spoke extremely highly of him. We will look forward to having you visit again, perhaps with your Pop Star workshop?"
by Ms Jones, Headteacher

Flexible and accommodating
"I invited the music man Mr Ross to work for a morning in our Special Needs primary school. Although we asked him to change his normal routine because of the nature of the needs of some of our students, it made no difference to him at all. He was fantastic. Very flexible and accommodating towards all our requests. The children gained a great deal from the experience and we will look to have him return next term."
by Mrs Philips Head

Great with EYFS
"The music man was just great with our EYFS. Even though he had them sitting on the floor for nearly an hour, they didn't get at all fidgety or restless as they normal would, but were thoroughly engrossed with everything he did! The fact that he used great humour and lots of audience interaction made all the difference. Everyone was included and were made to feel special."
by Abigail

"Thank you for providing such entertaining music sessions for our 3 to 7 year olds. All the teachers felt they had been entertained and educated just as much as the children! Our nursery class were convinced that you were Mr Tumble in disguise!!!"
by Amanda Cartier

A lovely morning
"Thankyou for a lovely morning with Years 3 and 4. The pupils sang their hearts out and we appreciated the fact that you made sure every child was included and got to play an instrument. The concertina and mandolin were particular highlights. Definitely worth the money."
by Mrs Evans (Dep Head)

KS1 Music Man
"Very entertaining. The kids were still singing the songs for the rest of the week."
by J Jones

Very interesting
"Thanks for a very interesting day where the pupils learnt some interesting facts. The younger children enjoyed all the singing and the older children liked the fact that you wrote a song for them."
by N G Music coordinator

"Thank you Mr Music Man for filling our school morning with joy. I laughed so much that my sides were hurting. It was such an unexpected surprise that a Music Workshop could be such a hilarious occasion. (I especially loved the James Blunt impersonation!) You held the attention of every child, no matter what their age or ability, by delivering the sessions at their appropriate levels. You inspired us all (staff included) and everyone felt involved."
by C Walton Music co-ordinator

"What a super day spent in our infant department yesterday. The children laughed, sang, played and learnt such a lot. A true musical treat."
by Val Leach

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