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POP STAR - Songwriting and Recording School Music Workshop


"A big thank you for the Pop Star workshop and CDs. The kids had a fabulous day and I will definitely recommend you to other teacher friends of mine. The CDs were brilliant, we couldn't believe how good the quality was. We will definitely book several workshops next academic year. Thanks again.” K. Foster, Woodview Primary School. Birmingham. July 2011
What Happens
Your pupils will work with professional children's composer Stuart Ross to write their own songs and record their own CD all in one amazing day! (Maximum 4 songs per day). Remember the songs don't have to be 'Pop-songs'. They can cover almost any style of music you want, with the lyrics covering any theme that you want. LISTEN TO SAMPLES BELOW! (See TABS Section below)

How It Works
The day starts with a fun filled PowerPoint presentation about the art of song writing. Next, Stuart helps the pupils to write some lyrics and compose a melody line either as a whole class or in 'pop groups'! Then the magic really starts as Stuart instantly adds some wonderful backing music with his keyboard / computer and finally the children get to record their vocals using professional recording equipment. The children can either sing as a class, as pop groups or as soloists. The finished recordings are taken away to be carefully mixed, mastered and placed on a specially designed CD. (See below for further details)


Suitable For: Y4,5,6. (Ages 9-11)
Time needed: 1 school day for one class of children (Max. 45 pupils) to write and record up to 4 songs, either in 4 'pop groups' or as a whole class.
All Inclusive Price = £345 + Possible expenses (see TABS Section below)

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"A most enjoyable day - really motivated many reluctant singers. I've heard the children humming the tunes several days later!" C. Waite - Dep. Head.

What You Get For Your Money

The above price includes one full day's workshop and at least one extra day's work carefully mixing, mastering, designing, producing and duplicating the finished CDs. Price includes a free CD of the finished recording for every participating child. Discounts available for multiple bookings. Please note that travel and accommodation expenses may apply depending on your location. Please see TABS Section below or contact us for an exact quote.

What Makes Us Unique

Since we started this workshop over 12 years ago, several other companies have sprung up trying to copy us... some even make the claim of being able to do it for free! However, all these other companies offer is a type of 'karaoke recording service' – hardly educational! But with Learn2soar, the children really do write their own songs and gain so much in the process, valuable literacy and music skills as well as boosting their self confidence. We’re only aware of one other company that will write as well as record with the pupils, but they will only do this if they’re booked for a whole week and they’ll only produce one or two songs! However, our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has the talent, experience and ability to be able to get the children to write and record up to four songs in a single day and still have time to deliver a fun presentation on the 'art of songwriting'! - A much better use of your time and money. Furthermore, Stuart is also a former primary school teacher and school music adviser, thereby ensuring that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications as well as vast experience.
And please beware of the so called 'free recording workshops’ that some companies supposedly offer... the small print of their contracts usually requires you to promise to purchase a few hundred copies of the finished CDs at several pounds each, making the final bill very, very expensive! With Learn2soar however, we give you all the costs up front. We will supply additional disks ONLY if required and ONLY at cost price (Approx 90p to £1 per disk depending on quantity ordered). You can re-sell them on for whatever amount you want. Therefore choosing a Learn2soar pop star workshop makes financial sense as well as educational sense.

"A FABULOUS day... An exceptional experience... We definitely want him back!" K. Harris - Teacher.

Differences Between "Pop Star" & the "Mini Pop Star" Workshops:

This workshop is designed for one class to record up to four songs in one day, either as a class or preferably by splitting up into 'pop-groups'. The class also starts off the day by listening to a fun presentation about the art of song writing with special focus on writing lyrics. It is recommended for Yr 4/5/6 only (Ages 8-11).

On the other hand, the "Mini Pop Star" workshop is designed for a large amount of children rather than just one class. Therefore up to four different groups / classes / year groups can work with the visiting composer for about an hour each to write & record one song each. Furthermore, if you choose the 'Mini Pop Star' option, then to save time, there is no introductory song writing presentation, just a brief introduction about the aims of the day. The 'Mini Pop Star' workshop is recommended for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (Ages 6-11).

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POP STAR - Songwriting and Recording School Music Workshop

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To Book:

  • Call or email us (see below). Tell us what workshop you want along with numbers / ages of children, along with any special requests. Please let us know if you have any dates in mind. Finally, please let us know the address of your school so we can work out if any travel / accommodation expenses are applicable.
  • We will send you a quote along with a booking form.
  • Complete the booking form and return it to us.
  • We will then usually invoice you for 10% of the total amount due (unless the date of the proposed workshop is less than 30 days away or unless the total amount due is less than £200). The 10% amount due will be your 'booking deposit'. From the moment the 'booking deposit' invoice is issued, the workshop booking will be confirmed.
  • Following completion of the workshop you will be invoiced for the remaining 90% (Balance due).
  • Payment for all invoices are due within 30 days and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Further terms and conditions specific to the workshop you wish to book are included with the booking form.
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WHERE ARE WE: Learn2soar workshops are available to ANY establishment in the UK. However, please note that we are based in the Manchester area, thus the further away we have to travel, the more expenses we will have to add on to cover travel costs and possible overnight accommodation:

TRAVEL COSTS: We usually charge between 25p - 40p a mile. When making a judgment on the actual expenses to charge each customer, we look at the current 'pence-per-litre' price at the average filling station. We also include a slight discount if you have booked more than one day, or booked a more expensive type of workshop. Please contact us for an exact quote.

ACCOMMODATION COSTS: If your establishment is over 2.5 hours away from Manchester then we will normally add on one night's accommodation expenses for every workshop day booked. We always use budget hotels where possible, but the cost is usually somewhere between £50 and £75 per night, depending on average hotel costs in your area for the proposed dates. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has over 20 years experience as a teacher, musician and professional songwriter. As a former Primary School Music Advisor, he has the talent, experience and ability to ensure that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications and vast experience.

Click here to learn more about Stuart Ross

Any staff we bring into your establishment will be fully DBS checked and vetted. DBS documentation is available upon request.

Please contact us for an exact quote:

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A Great Day
"Our sincere thanks to Stuart for a thoroughly professional workshop. A great day, which will not be forgotten."
by Lynn Smyth

"We have just had the Pop Star workshop in our school for the second year in a row. This year I had the privilege of being able to stay in the workshop for the full day as the normal class teacher was ill and I have to say... WOW!!! The pupils were mesmerised and went home at the end of the day still singing the songs. Even children who don't normally 'do singing' could be heard belting out the tunes. If I'd had my inspector's hat on, the whole day would have easily been graded as 'outstanding'!"
by Sarah -Headteacher

"The Pop Star workshop day was stunning from beginning to end. The children did not want to go anywhere at home time and would have gladly stayed all night recording more and more! Despite there being some challenging individuals in my class, Mr Ross had them in the palm of his hand throughout. The CDs were delivered the following week and were terrific! Incidentally, we have also now used some of Mr Ross's assembly downloads and I would recommend them just as highly as the workshop."
by Anne J - Y4 teacher

Really, really good!
"This is the third year that Stuart Ross has visited our school to work with several of our KS2 classes. The pupils look forward to it very much and always gain so much from the day. Recommended."
by Ms Grundy - Music Co-ordinator

A real treat!
"As an end of year treat we offered to let my Y6 class do something different for a day. They had a choice of Alton Towers, Go-karting, Ice-skating or a Pop-star workshop! Having already had Mr Ross visit to do a different music workshop earlier in the year, his Pop-star workshop day won by a landslide!!!! The children were not disappointed either. The songs that they recorded were stunning. Just as good as anything you hear on the radio. They gained a lot from it and all staff concerned felt it was an experience which will remain with each child for the rest of their lives."
by Carol: Y6 teacher

Thank you
"A big thank you to Mr Ross who came to my Year 2 class to do a specially slimmed down version of this workshop. The children had so much fun and were made to feel very special."
by S Swailes - Y2 Teacher

"We invited Stuart to take his Pop Star workshop into two of our neighbouring schools as part of our town's annual music festival. Both schools wrote and recorded four songs each, which they then performed on stage at our opening ceremony. Although I didn't personally see Stuart at work, the reports from teachers at the schools concerned were absolutely glowing with praise and the songs that the children wrote were astonishing! So much more amazing than anything I would normally have expected from 7-11 year olds. Thank you."
by Catherine - Music Festival Organiser

"An outstanding workshop in every sense. Mr Ross was so talented and extremely professional. The CD that came back surprised us all with its excellent quality. I particularly loved the solos with some very moving performances!"
by M Short - Headteacher

"We first found out about Stuart Ross through using his excellent KS2 assembly CD. When we realised that he was based fairly locally we had to get him to visit. The children were very excited at the thought of him coming to visit our small school and they weren't disappointed. The whole Pop Star workshop was superb from start to finish. The children learnt so much about the art of song writing, which was presented in an enthralling way and then as the songs were written we couldn't believe the speed at which they were being produced. The recording sessions after lunch were then the icing on the cake. The children thought they were so cool and the finished results were amazing. Thank you so much for your time and expertise."
by Mrs Manfold

"A big thank you for the Pop Star workshop and CDs. The kids had a fabulous day and I will definitely recommend you to other teacher friends of mine. The CDs were brilliant, we couldn't believe how good the quality was. We will definitely book several workshops next academic year. Thanks again."
by K Foster, Music Coordinator

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