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Learn2soar Music Workshops - Unique Projects & Special Requests

"A wonderful day, what an exceptional experience! Thank you so much!”
A Todhunter, Deputy Head.

Our Music Workshops and related services are very flexible. We will try to cater for any special requests, ideas or projects you have in mind! Below are examples of some of the work and unique activities we have undertaken over the last 20 years.

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Learn2soar School Music Workshops: Music Man+Learn2soar School Music Workshops: Pop Star Workshop

Description: This is our most requested workshop day. A mixture of our two most successful workshops. The most common request is for 2 or 3 hours of Pop Star (Songwriting and Recording) with the Juniors, followed by a Music Man Session with all of KS1 and EYFS. A guaranteed way to make sure you get the most impact for your budget. Other requests have involved spending up to a whole week in one school providing Pop Star workshops for every individual class from Y2 to Y6, with Music Man sessions for each individual class from Nursery to Y1. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar School Music Workshops: Meet a Composer

Description: Several times, our main composer and managing director Stuart Ross has been invited to attend school performances of one of his works. This has often been followed by a fun Q&A session with Stuart.  He has used these sessions to musically inspire children, discuss how he became a professional composer and show how he goes through the process of writing a song or a musical. Stuart may even write a song with the children there and then! Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar School Music Workshops: School Pop Star Concert

Description: In 2004 the Arts Council provided funding for us to provide 30 Pop Star workshop days in and around the Greater Manchester Area. From the 30 School CDs that were produced we chose the 12 best songs and those schools were invited to perform their songs on stage at The Trafford Centre to an audience of several thousand people. It was a fabulous day which will remain in the children's memory forever. Although the Arts Council England have sadly ruled out any similar funding in the future (as they seldom fund the same project twice), if a number of schools in your area want to join together for a similar experience we'll be very happy to work with you. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar School Music Workshops: Create your own Musical

Description: Several years ago, five schools in the West Midlands banded together to work with Learn2soar's main composer Stuart Ross, to write and perform a musical! Initially, each school spent a day with Stuart to write and record three songs each. All the songs were then placed on CD. Each school then received a copy of the CD (containing all 15 songs) with backing tracks, sheet music and scripts, so that each school could rehearse on their own...

Several weeks later Stuart then visited the schools again to help with dress rehearsals. Finally he also provided audio / visual support for the final performance of the musical which was staged in front of an audience of several hundred excited parents! The whole project was a stunning success and the children learnt so much from it. If you would like to undertake a similar project in your own school or in combination with several other schools, then please contact us for a quote. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar School Music Workshops: Create a Whole School CD

Description: We have frequently been asked to work with every class or year group in a school to create a whole school CD. Usually to celebrate something important like a centenary celebration or the retirement of a long-serving headteacher. This has followed the lines of the MINI POP STAR WORKSHOP. Please note that although this workshop is stated as being for ages 6-11, we have made an exception on these occasions to also write and record simple songs with Nursery, Reception and Y1 children. This has usually involved adapting the words of a simple nursery rhyme. If you would like us to create a whole school CD for you then contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar Music Workshops: Childrens Special Needs Conference Work

Description: We have undertaken regular work at an annual conference in support of the charity REACH, which supports children with a hand or arm deficiency. This involved working with up to 60 children at a time, providing a fun musical experience and preparing them for an evening performance in front of their parents and other conference members. Learn2soar's main composer Stuart Ross ran the activity and also took with him 4 other qualified teachers to help out. The age and abilities of all the children present were vast, ranging from 4-16 years, with many children missing one or both hands or arms. Nevertheless, every child still excelled and thoroughly enjoyed the day. If you would like Stuart and his team to work at your conference or to work with special needs children in your setting, then contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar Music Workshops: Opening Ceremonies

Description: We have worked at several ceremonies like the opening of 'The Imperial War Museum North' and 'The Lowry Designer Outlet'. Also at the closing ceremonies of three education action zones. In each case our main composer Stuart Ross worked in collaboration with several local schools to produce a children's choir, composing music and performing with the children at the ceremony. Stuart has also undertaken similar work for ITV, Selfridges and SureStart amongst others. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar Music Workshops: Songwriting Courses

Description: Our main composer Stuart Ross has written and published hundreds of songs and dozens of musicals which are regularly used in schools and churches around the world. He has often been asked to share his experience and knowledge of the art of songwriting, not just with children but also with young people, teenagers and adults, through workshops, tutorials and courses. If you would like Stuart to talk about the art of songwriting at your school, church, conference or event, then contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs. Please see the TAB section below for more details.



Learn2soar Music Workshops: CD Production Services

Description: Over the years we have used our skills, experience and equipment to provide various CD Production Services for a wide range of clients. This has included:

  • Private Recording Sessions: Recording songs, music, audiobooks, podcasts, Music GCSE recording services
  • Public Recording Services: Operating Audio / Visuals at conferences and church services, including the recording of keynote speakers
  • Mixing & Mastering: Editing, mixing and mastering recordings to get them ready for CD or web publication
  • CD Design, Printing and Duplication: Colour printing and mass CD duplication available
  • Web Music: Preparing and uploading web based audio files

Please see the TAB section below for more details.

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Learn2soar Music Workshops - Unique Projects & Special Requests

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Prices for all the services advertised on this page have a wide range and are always negotiable. Here is a ROUGH guide to some of our most commonly asked for services:

POP STAR & MUSIC MAN MIX: £275 to £345 per day depending on exact mix of sessions. Cost of CDs may be extra, but any additional cost will always be confirmed prior to booking.

PROFESSIONAL SONGWRITER Q&A: Usually we charge 'expenses only' for this service. However, we reserve the right to charge additional fees depending on your exact needs and how much of Mrs Ross's time is taken up.

MULTI SCHOOL PROJECTS / NATIONAL CONFERENCE WORK / CEREMONY PERFORMANCES: Negotiable depending on exact needs. In the past these services have cost anything from £100 to £10,000+, depending on exactly what you require. If you are proposing a large scale project then we will always try to arrange a meeting with you prior to any documentation being signed, so that everything can be discussed fully and so that we can negotiate a suitable price.

WHOLE SCHOOL CD / CREATE YOUR OWN MUSICAL: £275 to £360 per day, depending on your exact needs. Cost of CDs may be extra, but any additional cost will always be confirmed prior to booking.

SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS, TALKS, TUTORIALS & COURSES: Anything from £60 to £1,000+, depending on the amount of Mr Ross's time that you require.

CD PRODUCTION SERVICES: Contact us for a quote.

We reserve the right to change or alter these prices at any time.


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To Book:

  • Call or email us (see below). Tell us what workshop you want along with numbers / ages of children, along with any special requests. Please let us know if you have any dates in mind. Finally, please let us know the address of your school so we can work out if any travel / accommodation expenses are applicable.
  • We will send you a quote along with a booking form.
  • Complete the booking form and return it to us.
  • We will then usually invoice you for 10% of the total amount due (unless the date of the proposed workshop is less than 30 days away or unless the total amount due is less than £200). The 10% amount due will be your 'booking deposit'. From the moment the 'booking deposit' invoice is issued, the workshop booking will be confirmed.
  • Following completion of the workshop you will be invoiced for the remaining 90% (Balance due).
  • Payment for all invoices are due within 30 days and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Further terms and conditions specific to the workshop you wish to book are included with the booking form.
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WHERE ARE WE: Learn2soar workshops are available to ANY establishment in the UK. However, please note that we are based in the Manchester area, thus the further away we have to travel, the more expenses we will have to add on to cover travel costs and possible overnight accommodation:

TRAVEL COSTS: We usually charge between 25p - 40p a mile. When making a judgment on the actual expenses to charge each customer, we look at the current 'pence-per-litre' price at the average filling station. We also include a slight discount if you have booked more than one day, or booked a more expensive type of workshop. Please contact us for an exact quote.

ACCOMMODATION COSTS: If your establishment is over 2.5 hours away from Manchester then we will normally add on one night's accommodation expenses for every workshop day booked. We always use budget hotels where possible, but the cost is usually somewhere between £50 and £75 per night, depending on average hotel costs in your area for the proposed dates. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Our main composer Stuart Ross, who will be personally conducting your workshop, has over 20 years experience as a teacher, musician and professional songwriter. As a former Primary School Music Advisor, he has the talent, experience and ability to ensure that your workshop is conducted by someone with appropriate qualifications and vast experience.

Click here to learn more about Stuart Ross

Any staff we bring into your establishment will be fully DBS checked and vetted. DBS documentation is available upon request.

Please contact us for an exact quote:

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Marvellous Music
"MUSIC MAN & POP STAR - MIX: Marvellous Music. Mr Ross visited our Primary to spend two days in the Early Years and KS1 departments. He spent a day doing Music Man with Nursery and Reception. Then another day turning our Year 1's and 2's into little Pop Stars! The Music Man was SO much fun. I've never seen a set of classes laugh that much (teacher's included)! We especially loved the part where you got three children to make a band with you by making them play piano, mandolin and concertina, while you played guitar. Absolutely amazing! The older kids felt special to be able to use the professional recording equipment. The finished songs sounded so cute on the CD and the fact that you provided personalised copies for every child was a brilliant touch. Thank you so much for your super hard work and for going the extra mile for us."
by Mr Palmer - Deputy head

Professional, Reliable, Recommended
"MUSIC MAN & POP STAR - MIX: For the last three years we've regularly been able to call on Learn2soar's Stuart Ross to help fill in gaps in our Music Service provision. He has gone into schools, even at fairly short notice, to provide full day workshops with all ages and abilities from Nursery to Y6. The feedback from schools has always been excellent and having seen him perform myself, I can honestly say that he is professional, reliable and above all highly recommended."
by M Caldicott: Regional School Music Services Provider

"BESPOKE WORKSHOP: Learn2soar provided a great music workshop day. Music Man sessions with the infants and music composition with the juniors. The Music Man workshops were a hit with the young children. Laughter and singing, music and mayhem. The children and staff LOVED it! The music composition workshops were a delight too. Many teachers commented on your musical talent, energy and excellent communication with the children. The finished pieces of music were brilliant and the children are already asking when we're going to have you back! Thank you for all your hard work."
by Mrs Murphy Assistant Head

Great education and great entertainment
"MULTI SCHOOL MUSIC MAN CONCERT: We were lucky enough to get Stuart to do a special Music Man concert for 40 schools all in one day. (Four 60-70 min concerts with 10 schools present at each one). It was a very special day. Great education and great entertainment, all in one fun package. All children left with beaming faces, singing the songs all the way home. Thank you for your hard work and all at a fantastic price."
by M Lee - Head of Music Services

Excellent speedy service
"CD PRODUCTION SERVICES: Our company had to quickly produce 500 CD ROMs after two other supposedly reliable CD production companies badly let us down. However, Learn2soar stepped in at the last second and provided us with everything we needed SO quickly and all at a much cheaper price than the other companies were quoting. Excellent speedy service."
by Lorraine: Business manager

"WHOLE SCHOOL CD: Learn2soar's Mr Ross worked in our school for three days. Our school is outstanding in every way, but especially in music. Mr Ross helped to reinforce the school's excellent reputation for being a beacon of musical excellence. He worked with every class (even EYFS) to create a fabulous whole school CD based on the themes of inclusion, anti-racism and anti-bullying. The songs produced were of such good quality that we plan to now regularly use them as assembly songs. Thank you Learn2soar."
by Mrs C Sinclaire

Multiple workshops
"BESPOKE WORKSHOPS: Learn to soar visited our school recently to provide four days of music workshops. Apart from the regular Music Man and Pop Star workshops, the man also gave special songwriting tutorials and a special computer music composition workshop, that we had asked for. He was extremely versatile, proving to be an excellent educator, no matter what the age or ability of the pupils. All recordings made were placed on one CD. Learn to soar then provided us with 300 copies very quickly. A highly proficient service."
by K Nichol

One of the best workshop days we've ever had
"MUSIC MAN & POP STAR - MIX: This was one of the best workshop days we've ever had. Simply excellent in every way. Recommended."
by K H music co-ordinator

"SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS, TALKS, TUTORIALS & COURSES: Mr Ross came to help out with our inter-school music festival. He delivered songwriting tutorials for several groups of children ranging in ages from 7-14. Then he helped with our combined performance. Mr Ross provided a very professional service. All staff present felt they had learnt as much as the students. Regards."
by Miss Thomas, Specialist music teacher

Anniversary disk
"WHOLE SCHOOL CD: Learn2soar have provided expert assistance in helping us compile and record a special disk to celebrate our school's anniversary. Every child was involved and the finished result was a credit to everyone involved."
by Mr Mann

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